Benjamin "Ben" Boykewich 15-year-old son of Leo Boykewich, is Amy's high school boyfriend and first love. He meets Amy after his best friend Alice points her out one day at school, and they begin dating and fall in love. He offers to marry Amy when he finds out she's pregnant, but she declined his offer at the time. When Amy's mother Anne tells that she must support her baby on her own, she changed her mind and decides to marry Ben, as his family is financially stable. Amy and Ben get married with fake ID's, but discover that their marriage is null and void because they are both minors. They eventually break up after Amy's baby is born and Ben can't handle seeing her bond with Ricky. Adrian finds out she is pregnant with Ben's baby after a one-night stand essentially ruining Ben's chances of a relationship with Amy and they eventually get together. They marry and move in together before their baby is born with the financial support of Ben's father. After their baby is born stillborn Ben can't handle Adrian anymore and decides to divorce her against her wishes. At the end of the series, Ben follows Amy to New York, only to give up on her after Amy realizes that she was never really in love with Ben, and he was never really in love with her. The two then go their separate ways.

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