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What are you waiting for? GO!
~ Ben Gates' first word in the first film.

Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Gates is the main protagonist of the National Treasure film series.

He was portrayed by Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola) who played Big Daddy, and Balthazar Blake.


Ben Gates is a well-educated history fanatic with a maverick's sense of adventure. His interest in the past comes from his own family lineage, as his ancestors had roles in some of America's historic events. The family's passion can be seen in the full names of both Ben and his father, Patrick Henry Gates. As he is both intelligent and cagey, quests that seem impossible to most can plausibly be accomplished by Ben Gates. Though he carries a sense of humor and wit, adversaries should not underestimate him, as they will rarely understand all facets of a situation as well as he does. He also begins a romantic relationship with Abigail Chase in the series.


Ben Gates is a very intelligent man he also is a person who believes in something even when others don't believe and think he is crazy. He is a skilled fighter and planner always thinking of away out and thinking two steps ahead. Ben lives for action and adventure but he doesn't seek out fame and fortune like other treasure hunters. Ben Gates is a patriotic man who loves his country and it's history he doesn't want anyone else to mistreat that history.

He is a honorable, honest and determined man who can be trusted by his friends he is not a man who is willing to give up. He is a loyal and trusting in fact this trust is what lead Ben to believe and trust Ian Howe. While Ben Gates is a honest man who can be trusted he also knows how to bluff. Ben Gates is a man with a level head on his shoulders who thinks clearly. He is not motivated by by anger, wrath, hate or vengeance when Ian betrays him. He is a man dedicated to doing the right thing. Ben is serious man who is also brave, protective of his country he is also smart, friendly and polite. He is also a selfless man this is shown when he says that the treasure should be shared with all of the people of America.


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