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The more you fear something, the more power you give.
~ Doctor Harmon.

Dr. Ben Harmon is a psychiatrist practicing out of his home office. He is one of the two main protagonists (alongside his wife, Vivien) in the first season of American Horror Story, dubbed Murder House, portrayed by Dylan McDermott. He is the husband of Vivien Harmon and father of Violet Harmon. He also had an affair with a former student of his named Hayden.


Ben is calm and controlled for the most part. He is actively trying to repair his relationship with his wife, who he cheated on after she had a miscarriage. However, he can be quick to anger if his reactions toward Moira's advances and Larry Harvey's pestering are any indication.

Although he often screws things up with his family (i.e. cheating on Vivien multiple times), he cares truly about keeping his family together. Ben is oblivious to the ghostly activities going on around him and doesn't seem to become fully aware until his own entry to the spirit world.


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