It's all gonna turn off. It's gonna turn off, and it will never turn back on
~ Ben Matheson warning Miles Matheson about the blackout

Benjamin "Ben" Matheson is a supporting protagonist in the NBC show Revolution He is the father of Danny Matheson and Charlie Matheson and the husband of Rachel Matheson and is also the brother of Miles Matheson. Ben conceals a mysterious connection to the Blackout.

He was portrayed by Tim Guinee.


Ben was presumably born in or around 1981 along with his brother Miles Matheson and grew up in Jasper Indiana with Miles' best friend Sebastian Monroe and his lover Emma Bennett.

Ben along with Rachel work for a company for the Department of Defense who knew the blackout was going to occur he began collecting food and clothes then he hurriedly pulls out a laptop and begins downloading files relating to, possibly among other things, calculations about the Michigan area onto a USB flash drive when the flash drive reaches 100% the lights go out and everything begins to die around the world, Sometime later Rachel was to report to Miles Matheson forcing her to abandon her husband and her children,

Years later after Rachel didn't come back Ben, Danny and Charlie found their new home in a village meeting Aaron Pittman and with Ben himself becoming the villages leader and since his wife was presumed dead he found a new girlfriend named Maggie Foster whom Ben rescued her from committing suicide by inviting her to dinner. One day a gang of militia troop named by Tom Neville are her to arrest Ben since they know he has information about the blackout but Danny armed with a crossbow will not let him go this triggers a gun battle between the soldiers and villagers and Ben is shot during the process and Danny is kidnapped instead later Charlie arrives at the scene where he finds her father dying from his wounds he tells her to find Miles and tells her she has to do this.

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