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This Hero was Headlined on January 2017.

Hero Overview

Note: This is for the Prime universe Ben Tennyson. To visit for his Reboot counterpart: See here.
It's Hero Time!
~ Ben's Catchphrase.
I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat, and I've defeated the Forever Knights more times than I can count.
~ Ben Tennyson.

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson is the titular main protagonist of the Ben 10 franchise. He was a normal ten-year-old kid until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into various different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, he grew to be a true hero. By the time he was sixteen, he had become famous in not only his hometown of Bellwood but on Earth and beyond. Ben has also been deputized by the Plumbers and gained more aliens as time progressed.

In the original series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, he is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Dil Pickles, Timmy Turner, Poof, Twilight Sparkle, Raven, Angel, Bubbles, Spot Chicken, Truffles, Dannan O'Mallard, Molly Winks, Ashi, and Omi.

In Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voices Sasuke Uchiha, Shinra Kishitani, Marth and Spider-Man.

In Race Against Time, he was portrayed by Graham Phillips.

In Alien Swarm, he is portrayed by Ryan Kelley, who also portrayed Deputy Jordan Parrish.


Ben is initially portrayed as a cocky, arrogant and immature boy who tends to make jokes, even when fighting enemies. He easily gets full of himself and enjoys attention from others. This attitude can sometimes make him look obnoxious or dumb, often resulting in criticisms from Gwen later Kevin and a few others. It also causes several conflicts between him and Azmuth.

However, these traits, as hinted in The Forge of Creation, stem from Ben's attempts to hide his fear about the situation (though he denied it and said he was oblivious) even so, he's matured since the first series and although he can be goofy, he's also capable of great leadership skills and tends to get serious when the situation requires it.

Despite his immaturity, Ben is good-hearted, and his actions are motivated above all by a strong and sincere will to help others in need. He's shown to deeply care for other's lives and would choose to save people by himself, even when he dislikes them (such as Cash and J.T.). This causes him to have a strong dislike for sacrifices or life compromises and occasionally acts against reason, such as when he chooses to save half-cured DNAlien Tyler over seizing the key for the Highbreed's invasion (Inside Man) or when he tries to save the Sentinel while losing the last Map of Infinity piece to Ultimate Aggregor (Perplexahedron) when meeting an enemy in trouble (like Kevin or the Highbreed) he'll usually attempt to help them rather than win the hard way. While this somehow overly idealistic nature is often criticized by Azmuth, most characters usually consider it as Ben's most important quality. Professor Paradox once even stated that he had the gift to make the right choices at the right moments.

Ben is also deeply protective of his family which causes him to act impulsive and rash. When Gwen was attacked and kidnapped by Floura in Azmuth's mountain lair, Ben instinctively transformed into Four Arms, ignoring Myaax's pleas as it would only accelerate the self-destruct on the Omnitrix. He also angrily defended Max from Gwen when she joked his cooking is what killed him only to later apologize for speaking to his cousin so harshly.

Ben also seems to have an attachment to his aliens, he was reduced to tears when Malware destroyed his favorite one, Feedback in front of his eyes however he views his aliens as nothing more than blank DNA copies without their personality, which technically they are designed to be but some possess their character such as Z' Skyr and this makes him unintentionally malicious. An example is when his ultimate aliens become sentient and wanted revenge on Ben from treating them like slaves and attempted to kill him for their freedom. It was his self-sacrifice for them to be free which highlighted what a hero he was to the ultimates.

When Ben sees people hurt by his fault or because of his failures, Ben tends to get mad and acts much more violent and aggressive than he usually does. For example, when Overlord kidnapped Julie, or when Aggregor successfully absorbed the Andromeda aliens, Ben went berserk and beat them up with all his strength, and, in Ultimate Aggregor's case, to the point where Gwen stopped him from attacking more. Also, when Kevin Levin mutated again shortly after stopping Ultimate Aggregor and temporarily went back to his psychotic way, hurting all the Plumbers' helpers, Ben became willing to kill Ultimate Kevin by any means necessary.

He began acting ruthless, aggressive, pessimistic, cold-hearted, nasty, and even ready to fight Gwen as Way Big when she attempted to stop him. Gwen, however, was eventually able to convince him to try another way as he was about to kill Ultimate Kevin. During the episode, Ben confesses to Max he feels guilty for letting fame get into his head and claims that he is trying to act more mature for once. Finally, in The Purge, when the Forever Knights are holding a large group of aliens hostage (and have killed some aliens already), Ben threatens to hunt the Forever Knights down for the rest of their lives if they don't let the aliens go.

Though often stated to be silly or unintelligent because of his immaturity, Ben is shown to be cunning and resourceful when needed, usually showing good adaptation skills when the Omnitrix doesn't provide him with the alien he wanted. When he occasionally put his immaturity aside (most especially in the first two seasons of Alien Force), he's shown to be a responsible leader as well as a very competent fighter. It's also pertinent to note that Ben has inherited both his paternal grandparents' personality. Although Ben inherited his grandmother Verdona's spirit, sense of humor, and overconfidence, he also inherited his paternal grandfather's determination and adventurous and self-sacrificing attitude. He is also as much of a practical joker as his Anodite paternal grandmother Verdana.

In Omniverse, Ben thinks of himself as more of a superhero than a Plumber. He often tells Rook that he is a superhero and not a cop. He's also gotten slightly cockier but still retains his selfless and heroic nature. His fame caused him to get a degree at Gwen's university, Friedkin University in Mystery, Incorporeal.


Ben's physical appearance has changed throughout the series from a ten-year-old to a sixteen-year-old. However, he retains some recurring characteristics. He has dark brown hair, green eyes (which are a darker shade of green in the sequels), pale skin, and he's quite skinny for his age, though he shows a lot of muscle definition due to being athletic.

When he was 5, as revealed in a flashback of how he first met his future frenemy Mr. Baumann, Ben wore green overalls with a white shirt underneath it. White numbers saying "5 1/2" were on a black square in front of his overalls.

In the original series and Omniverse flashbacks, Ben's usual clothes consist of a black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, green pants and black and white shoes with black stripes. Ben wears the prototype Omnitrix on his left wrist.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Ben is a 15-16 year old teenager, who wears a black shirt, blue pants and a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 on it, and black shoes. Ben wears the prototype Omnitrix in Alien Force and the Ultimatrix in Ultimate Alien on his left wrist.

In Omniverse, Ben is a 15-16 year old teenager, who wears a shirt which is black and has a green stripe in the middle with a white 10 and green stripes on the sides of his shirt. He wears brown pants with pockets at the knees and green and white shoes. He later gains a white hooded jacket with green stripes on both arms and a green number 10 on the right side. He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.

Powers and Abilities

  • Adaptability: Ben is able to rapidly adapt to any situation he may be confronted with, proving that regardless of which alien the Omnitrix gives him, he always comes out on top.
  • Resourcefulness: Ben has proven to be a quick learner when he can't use the Omnitrix, being able to utilize his environment and tools at hand to overcome most of his opponents.
  • Gifted Intellect: Ben is said to act dumber than he really is, with Gwen mentioning how he never really works up to his potential in school.
  • Knowledge of Metaphysics: According to Paradox, Ben has an "innate sense of metaphysics", proving this fact during his many adventures through space and time.
  • Photographic Memory: Ben was able to instantly memorize and apply a set of magical scribes that only briefly flashed before him.
  • Close Quarters Combat: It is implied that Ben would've been able to beat Pierce, a mutant alien soldier, in close quarters combat had he not held back. Ben is also very agile, dodging attacks of many of his opponents while in his timeout mode.


  • The Prototype Omnitrix: A Level 20 genetic manipulation device which can transform its user into any alien species registered within it. The Omnitrix is capable of many different modes, this is a list of most of, if not all of its features:
    • Metamorphosis: The Omnitrix can alter the DNA of its user and this in turn induces a metamorphosis in the user, transforming them into another alien being. This transformation allows the user to utilize all their powers and abilities, coupled with all their weaknesses.
    • Timeout: A mode that activates when Ben has been in his alien form for more than a set period of time, usually 10 minutes. It has not fully been confirmed what this mode's purpose is, as through the use of master control it can be bypassed entirely. Many fans assume it is to stop the user from getting addicted to certain DNA samples, an example being Feedback.
    • Master Control: Likely the most powerful feature of the Omnitrix. It is a mode that grants access to all of the aliens inside the Omnitrix's database, as well as the ability to switch form by just thinking about it. Ben has previously achieved this mode by fiddling with his Omnitrix, but due to many inconveniencies, it has been compromised each and every time it gets activated.
    • Capture Mode: The Omnitrix is capable of scanning uncatalogued DNA, adding it to its current playlist and sending it back to the Codon Stream if necessary. It does this through contact of the alien and the Omnitrix itself.
    • Recalibration Mode: The Omnitrix is able to recalibrate and change its form in response to its users level of maturity, with 15 year old Ben unlocking this version after he equipped it for the first time in 5 years. Recalibration provides a plethora of new features and gimmicks for its user to utilize.
      • Quick-Change: During the user's transformations, they are now able to quickly switch forms by pressing down on their Omnitrix. Despite its versatility, this feature drains the battery much quicker than usual.
      • Capture Mode: The recalibrated Omnitrix was able to detect uncatalogued DNA samples within a certain radius of Ben. He is then able to dispense a yellow scanning ray that adds the alien's DNA sample into the Codon Stream as well as his current playlist. Failure to do so will deactivate the Omnitrix within 1 minute of entering its radius. The reason why the Omnitrix does this is unknown.
      • Data Dump: When turning into any alien, the Omnitrix itself will rapidly download its basic instincts and blueprints into its user's brain, allowing them to utilize all of the aliens basic abilities with no prior training. This is also the explanation for why Ben in Alien Force is able to instantly create names for aliens he has never before used.
      • Hyperintelligent AI: The Omnitrix has shown on many occasions that it has a mind of its own, as when Ben had his hand chopped off by a Null-Void energy blade, the 'Omnitrix' took control over his hand and seemed to control it independent of Ben. Ben also realized that his mistransformations are actually the AI choosing his aliens for him.
    • Self-Destruct Mode: The Omnitrix if commanded to can charge itself for a user-chosen amount of time, causing it to self-destruct, with the explosion radius based on its charge duration. Ben has shown that charging it for exactly 30 Earth seconds will cause it to destroy itself and only itself, but is said to be able to destroy the entire universe along with it if Ben chooses to charge it for a few days.
    • DNA Repair Mode: Through the mixing of the DNA within the Codon Stream with the DNA of an entire alien race, the Omnitrix can universally repair genetic damage caused by years of inbreeding, as shown by the Highbreeds.
    • DNA Revival Mode: Though it has never been shown, the Omnitrix is capable of reviving completely extinct alien species, as this was listed as one of the original uses of the Omnitrix when Azmuth made it.
  • The Ultimatrix: An Omnimatrix that can turn any existing alien species into its ultimate form, evolving that alien into a battle ready counterpart. This is an unfinished version of the Prototype Omnitrix that was modified and sullied by Albedo, leading to many glitches and inconveniences with its unstable power core.
    • Ultimate Form: By pressing down on his Ultimatrix while in alien form, Ben places that DNA sample into a simulated 1,000,000 year worst-case scenario, hyperevolving that alien into a genetically enhanced version of itself before injecting that very DNA into Ben's current form. In exchange for the sheer power of this function, the Ultimatrix drains its battery much faster than the Prototype did.
  • The Official Omnitrix: A completed version of the Prototype Omnitrix equipped with all the abilities of its predecessor as well as all 1,000,912 aliens installed into it's database. Along with the newly added database, it has a host of new functions, most of which are unknown, but some of the ones that have been disclosed are listed below.
    • Randomizer: A mode that forces Ben to turn into a random alien with a random timeout duration when activating the Omnitrix.
    • Life-Form Lock: A special mode that locks ben into a specific alien form for however long he wants. If he wishes to turn it on/off, he must give it a voice command that verifies the integrity of its user.
    • Sex Change: The Official Omnitrix has a feature that allows its user to change the sex of the aliens it turns into, but Ben never realized how to access it.

Former Powers

  • Ascalon: A reality warping sword that taps into the energies of the universe itself. It equips its user with a suit of knightly armor and grants them a multitude of other abilities.
    • Durability: Ascalon is able to survive the destruction of an entire planet, leaving it unscathed.
    • Telekinetic Link: The user of Ascalon can control the movement of the weapon even when it is out of reach.
    • Energy Blasts: Ascalon is able to release energy over a specific target area causing great damage.
    • Whirlwind Creation: Ascalon has the power to create whirlwinds.
    • Energy Absorption: Ascalon has the power to absorb various forms of energy and utilize it in some way.
    • Energy Fields: Ascalon can create a shield, wall, barrier, dome, or a field formed with energy.
    • Portal Creation: Ascalon has the power to create portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations.
  • Demonic Powers: After absorbing the Eldritch Demon Diagon's powers, Ben became virtually omnipotent and as stated by Vilgax with a mere thought he can remake all of existence in his image.
  • Time Cycles: A pair of time travelling vehicles that allow its pilots to warp from any point in time and space to another.
    • Time and Space Travel: By linking the time cycles together, the pilots can travel through time and space.


Benjamin is a name going back into the Tanakh (called the Hebrew Bible by Christian scholars), the name of one of the sons of Jacob. His name, "Ben", is to create a rhyming effect between his first name and the number Ten.

Ben's middle name, Kirby, was named as a reference to comic book artist Jack Kirby, according to Derrick J. Wyatt.

Ben's last name, Tennyson, meaning the Son of Tenny. The "Tenny" part is a reference to the series name, "Ben Ten".

Ben was born in December.


Alien X Celestialsapien
AmpFibian Amperi
Arctiguana Polar Manzardill
Armodrillo Talpaedan
Astrodactyl Unknown
Atomix Unknown
Ball Weevil Unknown
Big Chill Necrofriggian
Blitzwolfer Loboan
Bloxx Segmentasapien
Brainstorm Cerebrocrustacean
Bullfrag Incursion
Buzzshock Nosedeenian
Cannonbolt Arburian Pelarota
ChamAlien Merlinisapien
Chromastone Crystalsapien
Clockwork Chronosapien
Crashhopper Orthopterran
Decagon Vreedle Vreedle
Diamondhead Petrosapien
Ditto Splixson
Eatle Unknown
Echo Echo Sonorosian
Eye Guy Opticoid
Fasttrack Citrakayah
Feedback Conductoid
Four Arms Tetramand
Frankenstrike Transylvanian
Ghostfreak Ectonurite
Goop Polymorph
Gravattack Galilean
Grey Matter Galvan
Gutrot Unknown
Heatblast Pyronite
Humungousaur Vaxasaurian
Jetray Aerophibian
Jury Rigg Planchakule
Kickin Hawk Unknown
Lodestar Biosovortian
Mole-Stache Unknown
Nanomech Human/Nanochip
NRG Prypiatosian-B
Pesky Dust Nemuina
Rath Appoplexian
Ripjaws Piscciss Volant
Rocks Basalt
Shocksquatch Gimlinopithecus
Shock Rock Fulmini
Snare-oh Thep Khufan
Spidermonkey Arachnichimp
Spitter Spheroid
Squidstrictor Cephalopod-ae
Stinkfly Lepidopteran
Swampfire Methanosian
Terraspin Geochelone Aerio
Toepick Unknown
The Worst Atrocity
Perk Upchuck Perk Gourmand
Murk Upchuck Murk Gourmand
Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph
Ventrilosquid Unknown
Walkatrout Ickthyperambuloid
Water Hazard/Overflow Orishan/Cascan
Way Big To'kustar
Whampire Vladat
Wildmutt Vulpimancer
Wildvine Florauna
XLR8 Kineceleran


I just figured out there's something I'm even more afraid of than you. Losing my family to some goofball emotional vampire. In other words... you're going down, clown!
~ Ben to Zombozo
I've come too far! I've lost too much to be stopped now!
~ Ben as he transforms into Cannonbolt and breaks down Azmuth's doors
If the universe is goin' down anyway, I'm gonna have the pleasure of kicking YOUR butt FIRST.
~ Ben to Azmuth
Step off. I've got a world to save.
~ Ben to Azmuth
I though Hero Time was over. But ever since I put the Omnitrix back on, it's like there's a new threat all the time. Especially since I lost Grandpa Max to the Highbreed. Now it's all on me. Fighting aliens, keeping these knights from selling out the planet, and now car repossession. It's all on me. But I'm ready.
~ Ben Tennyson
I'm saying that it's up for someone to protect this planet. And like it or not... I think it's up to us.
~ Ben to Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin in Max Out
Ben Tennyson: Sorry Azmuth, but I don't buy your argument. The Earth needs to be saved. And I'm going to do it!
Azmuth: I won't allow it!
Ben Tennyson: How could you stop me?
Azmuth: I'll take the Omnitrix from you.
Ben Tennyson: You'll try.
~ Ben to Azmuth
You don't need them to take on little old me... Too bad you're not fighting just little old me.
~ Ben after he knocks away Manny's blasters.
I don't know what Max would do. But I know what I wouldn't do. I don't destroy victims. I save them!
~ Ben to Kevin Levin
You think I don't know? When it's hero time, if I mess up, somebody could die. From what you told me, if we mess up, everybody could die. Maybe that's too much to have in your head when you have to win. Maybe if I pretend everything's a big joke when the time comes, I'll be able to do what I have to do.
~ Ben to Gwen Tennyson
Maybe you've forgotten something: I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times that I can count. Here's what's going to happen: you're going to release these prisoners, you're going to crawl back to wherever you came from and you're going to stop hunting down aliens because if you don't, I promise, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short lives..
~ Ben is running out of patience
Hey. Ben Tennyson. Save the universe a few times.
~ Ben introducing himself
You know why I always win? Because I don't give up.
~ Ben to Looma Red Wind


  • Ben's teenage voice actor Yuri Lowenthal is well known for voicing Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, The Prince from Prince of Persia, Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV, Lok Lambert from Huntik, Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 and Simon from Gurren Lagann. Likewise, he alludes to Alan in every aspect.
  • Ben is reminiscent of both Green Lantern and Beast Boy (his 2003 incarnation) from the DC Universe, Danny Phantom and Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long.
  • During Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben shouts out the names of his aliens when transforming into them.
    • It is revealed in Prisoner 775 is Missing, the reason why he shouts out the alien names was to strike fear into his enemies.
    • However, In Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben, for a period of time no longer shouted out the names of his aliens when transforming as he got tired of it.
    • In the reboot, he shouts his aliens names out again, however, it's Ben from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien time periods.

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Ben Tennyson | Gwen Tennyson | Max Tennyson | Kevin Levin | Rook Blonko

Azmuth | Professor Paradox | Cooper Daniels | Manny Armstrong | Alan Albright | Helen Wheels | Pierce Wheels | Ester

Original Series Aliens
Heatblast | Four Arms | Diamondhead | Ripjaws | Upgrade | Ghostfreak | Stinkfly | Grey Matter | Wildmutt (Ultimate Wildmutt) | Cannonbolt (Ultimate Cannonbolt) | Wildvine | Upchuck | XLR8 | Ditto | Blitzwolfer | Snare-oh | Frankenstrike | Eye Guy | Way Big (Ultimate Way Big) | Spitter

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Swampfire (Ultimate Swampfire) | Humungousaur (Ultimate Humungousaur) | Spidermonkey (Ultimate Spidermonkey) | Echo Echo (Ultimate Echo Echo) | Big Chill (Ultimate Big Chill) | Chromastone | Brainstorm | Goop | Jetray | Alien X | Lodestar | Clockwork | Rath | Jury Rigg | Nanomech | Water Hazard | AmpFibian | Armodrillo | NRG | Terraspin | Fasttrack | Eatle | ChamAlien | Shocksquatch

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Feedback | Gravattack | Bloxx | Kickin Hawk | The Worst | Gutrot | Atomix | Astrodactyl | Ball Weevil | Bullfrag | Crashhopper | Pesky Dust | Walkatrout | Mole-Stache | Toepick | Buzzshock | Arctiguana | Whampire

Reboot Series
Ben Tennyson | Gwen Tennyson | Max Tennyson | Kevin Levin

Reboot Series Aliens
Heatblast | Diamondhead | Four Arms | Grey Matter | XLR8 | Wildvine | Cannonbolt | Upgrade | Stinkfly | Rath | Humungousaur | Overflow | Gax | Shock Rock | Slapback | Jetray | Way Big | Goop

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Atomic-X | Amalgam Ben | Big Chuck | Crashocker | Diamond Matter | Fourmungousaur | Heat Jaws | Humungoopsaur | Stink Arms | Uprigg | XLRArmBlastDiamondHeat

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Bashmouth | Bootleg | Crystalfist | Dark Matter | Freezelizard | Hot Shot | Humungoraptor | Quad Smack | Rollaway | Rush | Skunkmoth | Techno-Bubble | Thornblade | Toolboxx | Undertow | Wreckingbolt

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Ben 23 | No Watch Ben | Gwen 10

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Spellbinder | Tetrax Shard | Sir George | Driba | Blukic | Lucy Mann | Charmcaster | Luhley | Myaxx | Julie Yamamoto | Kai Green | Jimmy Jones | Ken Tennyson | Clyde Fife | Fistina | Reinrassic III | Kwarrel | Tyler | Skurd | Devlin Levin | Zed | Baz-El | Ship