Benjamin Ford is the main protagonist of the 2013 action thriller Killing Season. He is a former Colonel who fought in the Bosnian War and all these years later must fight Emil Kovač, an enemy soldier out for revenge.

He was played by Robert De Niro, who also played Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.


During the Bosnian War, Ford was an American Colonel.

Years later, Ford has retreated to a cabin somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, to forget the war. Now a recluse, he meets Kovač, posing as a European tourist, during a hunting trip. The two men become friendly, until Kovač reveals his true identity. Intent on revenge, he initiates a gory game of cat-and-mouse with Ford. The latter is badly injured but is quick to rebound. After a showdown, Kovač is overpowered by Ford. They reach a peaceful compromise, however, after understanding each other's predicament. After that, Ford visits his son, to make up for missing his grandson's baptism.


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