~ Benny Jean's catchphrase

Benny Jean is the main protagonist of Smosh's "That damn Neighbor" Series.  He is obsessed with his pet lawn flamingo, and has gone to great lengths to protect it from his neighbor.  He is portrayed by Ian Hecox.


Benny Jean first appears in "That damn neighbor" where he tries to keep The NEighbor away from his flamingo, only to fail, due to his best friend Cletus cuting a hole in the fence that was protecting it.

He makes a cameo appearance in "Food Battle: 2007" in the "fishing for people" contest.  Anthony catches him using celery as bait.

In "That Damn Yard Sale," Benny Jean competes with the Neighbor for Yard Sale Supremicy.  He is outraged when Cletus sells his flamingo to the Neighbor, slapping him in the face repeatedly.  He then slaps the neighbor, and is then arested for assault, despite the fact the Neighbor had set him up.

In "That Damn Prison Break," Benny Jean escapes from Prison to get his flamingo back.  He and CLetus chase the Neighbor with rollerskates, due to the fact Cletus traded in his hummer for a fog machine.  The duo then decide to just get the flamingo from the neghbor's house.  Cletus sets off the alarm the minute Benny Jean gets his flamingo back.  A cop arrives, thinking Benny Jean and Cletus are robbers, but backs down after Benny Jean explains.  He then arrests the Neighbor for birdnapping, and Benny Jean goes back to jail for escaping.  Benny Jean doesn't care, sinse he got his flamingo back, but then sees his new cellmate is the neighbor.

In "Food Battle 2008," Ian almost blows up Anthnony's car, Anthony's pet rock, and "[Benny Jean's] damn pet flamingo!"

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