These are aliens Tom. That's not Hocus Pocus, It's Science.
~ Benny to Tom about the Nekross

Benjamin Claude "Benny" Sherwood is the son of Richard and Tricia Sherwood, Tom Clarke's best friend and the deuteragonist of the CBBC science-fantasy series Wizards vs. Aliens from Series 1 to the second episode of Series 3.

Role in the series

Unlike Tom, Benny is Unenchanted (the name wizards give to non magical people) but makes up for it with his knowledge of science when helping fight the Nekross.

He was the star science student at King's Park School but wasn't very popular with most of the other students especially Quinn Christopher who would pick on him but after Benny briefly became magical (which was due to an encounter with a Hobbledehoy) and helped Quinn's football team win a match, they became friends. He also wasn't friendly with Tom at first because of their social differences but after Benny helped Tom fight the Nekross, the two boys became best friends.

In the episode, The Curse of Crowe, Benny and Tom were cursed to forget their friendship by a wizard named Gemma Raven (which she did to save her mother from the Nekross), but later when one of their spats got them put in detention, their memories of their friendship returned.

In the Series 3 episode The Quantum Effect, Benny leaves to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America but not before bidding farewell to Tom.

He is played by Percelle Ascott.


  • In the Series 2 finale All Out War Benny is revealed to be homosexual when he tells Tom that he will go out on a date eventually but not with a girl.
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