Benjamin Stein, or Benny for short, is a minor character in The Loud House.


Benny is Luan's boyfriend. He made his first appearance in "L is for Love" as Luan's crush, being co-stars in the Shakespearian play Romeo and Juliet.

In "Stage Plight," he co-stars with Luan with another play, as Romeo and Juliet respectively. He and Luan confess their mutual feelings of affection for each other, and share their first kiss.

He and Luan go on their first official date in "A Pimple Plan." After finding out about her pimple, he doesn't mind it and tells Luan he loves her regardless.


Like Luan, Benny is a fun-loving boy with a fondness for comedy. He likes school plays, miming, and jokes. He presumably likes baking, as he made macarons with his mom before his date with Luan in "A Pimple Plan." He's very accepting towards Luan, because he it doesn't bother him that Luan has zits or doesn't like Japanese robot figures like he does.


He has fair skin and dark brown curly hair. He wears a two-tone light blue and white button up shirt, dark gray jeans, and white sneakers. As of "Stage Plight," he is given a redesign such as a round nose and longer hair.

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