I'm the best warrior in Morthal, and that's no boast.
~ Benor

Benor is a Nord who lives in Morthal in The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim. He applied for guard duty once but for unknown reasons he wasn't accepted. He now helps the guard whenever possible.


He is quite boastful and smug when the Dovahkiin first encounters him in Mortal. He also tends to be considerably skeptical about Idgrod Ravencrone's rule, a possible indicated why he was frustrated about his rejection into the guard, which has also gained support from the citizens of the town as well. Despite his views on the Jarl, he still remains faithful to his hometown, and is among those to stand up against a vampire spreading panic in the town; however, he will leave soon afterward due to either reluctance or fear. (Unless he is a follower.)


He plays the role of a minor warrior who applied to become a guard, but was rejected for unknown reasons. He will challenge the Dovahkiin to a brawl when they first confronted him, and if he/she wins, he gains their respect. Afterwards, he can be recruited as a potential follower or even a possible spouse. As a follower, he proves to be a hardy warrior who fairs well with two-handed weapons.

In the respective quest line for Morthal, Benor will be one of the many citizens who follows the Dragonborn to the Master Vampire's Lair, however once they reach the entrance, he will voice fear and leave the site alongside all the other citizens except Thornar. Although if he is befriended by the Dragonborn, he can still be able to enter the lair if the Dragonborn makes them their active companion.


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