Bentham, also known as Mr. 2 Bon Clay, is a redeemed antagonist of One Piece. He was locked up in Impel Down level 3 until he temporarily freed by Buggy and Mr. 3. He was later locked up in Impel Down level 5.5 as the queen of Newkama Land.


Bentham is carefree and friendly okama. He has a good relationship with the Straw Hat Pirates. He is willing to risk his life to accomplished his friends' escape.

Bentham has name gags. He called Luffy as Straw-Boy. He rudely called his old comrades from the barique works such as Mr. 4 as fatty and Miss Merry Christmas as Old Hag.

The reason he wanted to become an Okama due to him idolize the greatest Okama, Emporio Ivankov

Power and Abilities

Mr. 2 is quite a formidable fighter. He has great martial arts.

Okama Kenpo

Mr. 2 is an expert of the Okama's martial art abilty called Okama Kenpo.

Devil Fruit

Mr. 2 eaten a paramecia Devil Fruit called Mane Mane no Mi (Clone-Clone Fruit). He has the ability to transform those who he touch their face with his right hand. He reverted back to normal by touching his left hand. However, his imitation ability doesn't copy strength or techniques.


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