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Benthomaar is a supporting hero in the Ninjago TV series. He is Trimaar's adopted son and Kalmaar's adoptive brother. When little, he was adopted by King Trimaar of Merlopiabecoming the brother of Prince Kalmaar. Through the years, Benthomaar tried to convince Kalmaar to accept him as his brother, but he never succeeded. Years later, when Kalmaar was seeking further to awaken the storm spirit Wojira, the Ninja visited Merlopia and learned Kalmaar’s plan to awaken Wojira.


Benthomaar has blue-gray skin with many dark blue and black symbols. He has black hair combed up on his head and a white chest with marked abdominal muscles. He also has bright blue eyes with rough eyebrows, black and white facial markings, and small sharp white teeth.


Benthomaar has an excellent fighting ability, and enhanced strength, as he was able to catch and throw an eel against a wall. He is also skilled in using a spear and notably a strong swimmer. He also appears to be able to breathe both on land and on sea.