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Bentina Beakley, also known as Agent 22, is one of tritagonists of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series, serving as the tritagonist in first two seasons, and the deuteragonist in Season 3.

She is voiced by Toks Olagundoye.


Unlike her original incarnation, Mrs. Beakley is portrayed as a stern house-keeper who lives in the mansion with her granddaughter, Webby.

After years of being overprotective of Webby, the nephews' arrival causes her to agree to let her granddaughter be a part of Scrooge's adventures.

Beakley also dislikes Webby's friend Lena, regarding her as a bad influence, but after Lena saves her life, she becomes more accepting. Beakley's relationship with Scrooge's butler Duckworth is frosty, due to him criticizing her housework.



Her backstory includes a career as an agent for the secret espionage organization S.H.U.S.H., where her codename was "Agent 22" and through which she first met Scrooge.

Season One

It was she who told Scrooge McDuck to spend more time with his family when they first met Huey, Dewey and Louie. She was protective over Webby, but allows her to go on adventures with Scrooge, Donald, Launchpad and the nephews. She also helps Scrooge and the team on some of their adventures.

Season Two


Season Three





  • Though her physical appearance is similar to her 1987 counterpart, with clothing similar to a nanny, and an apron around her waist, she is taking offense at being treated as her employer's secretary, and has proven to possess an impressive strength.
  • In the reboot, it is revealed in “The Last Adventure,” that she and Webby are not related, as Webby was actually Scrooge's daughter, artificially created by F.O.W.L., that was found and adopted by Beakley. It is also revealed that her daughter and son-in-law died before Webby was born, further adding insight on her and Webby’s non-relation.

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