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Hero Overview

Beppi the Clown is a boss from the Inkwell isle 2 in Cuphead.


Beppi the Clown is a clown with that have a yellow eyes,an black hat and he haves in the head,white in the left and red on the right. In the body,he haves red with a blue rombous on the left front,haves blue with a red rombous on the right front. In back,he haves blue on the left and red on the right.


The level are Carnival Kerfuffle.

Phase 1

Beppi the Clown is driving a bumper car,but the only enemies with only one life,are the yellow ducks,but the ducks with an light ball are throwing fire,but the pink ducks are parryable.

Phase 2

The boss are with a balloon type that he makes dog balloons but the pink ones are parryable,but the train appears only in the Regular and Expert mode.

Phase 3

That phase are about the boss,are having an horse.

Green one = throwing horsehoes that are going curve walking.

Yellow one = throwing horse hoes that goes vertical.

but on the simple mode,he puts the horse down.

Phase 4

He is transformed into a carrucel that throws green penguins throwing baseballs,but the train goes very very faster,and that phase appears only in the regular and expert mode.

In the good ending

he appears in that scene but he takes out the hat for saying "Hip Hip Hooray".


  • Simple:3 phases.
  • Regular and Expert:4 phases


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