Jasmine with Jules

Bernadette the Hedgehog or Jasmine the Hedgehog is Jules' wife and Sonic's mother from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and Archie Sonic Comics as well.

Bernadette Hedgehog (aka "Bernie" for short) was the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog and the wife of Jules Hedgehog. Bernie was one of the students of Nate Morgan along with Sir Charles Hedgehog and future husband Jules (with whom she debated with and won all the time). Both Bernie and Jules were agents of King Acorn's special forces during the Great War. Following thetakeover of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Bernadette was subsequentlyroboticized and became a mindless servant of the world despot. Years later when her free will was restored, Bernie became the mother that Sonic lacked for the majority of his life.

Following the Xorda's attack and Sonic's return from space, Bernie continued to be the mother Sonic lacked for years and made sure Sonic was well fed and attended school. She had to be reminded by Jules however that Sonic had grown up in her absence.

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