Bernard is the protagonist of the South Korean cartoon of the same name. He is a polar bear. His Korean name is Backkom (Korean Bakkom).



  • Llyod: Penguin that was teased by Bernard during an uncontrollable conflict between them perhaps due to Lloyd being in love with Eva.


  • Zack: His first rival with attention and everything else really. He would tease, disturb and physically martyr him if Bernard is in Zack’s way with his plans to get his crooked mouth like cats.


Backkom can be incompetent, which often results in his hilarious injuries, which sometimes are illogical (one example being in The Medallion, where his new medallion find brings him bad luck, so Backkom throws it away for his own safety, but it is knocked into his house by passing cars). Despite this, Backkom means well and tries his best.


Backkom is a greyish-white polar bear. He has a black snout and white belly. His fingers end in claws. Quite strangely, his pinkies are often hidden.

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