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Bernie Barges is the nephew of Rico and the deuteragonist of the 2003-2006 series Watch My Chops.

He is voiced by Ben Small.

He is Corneil's best friend and dog sitter. Bernie is imaginative, full of initiatives, but not particularly bright. While sometimes stubborn and selfish, he is also well-meaning and provides a good foil for Bernie. He who was confined to the boring role of dog-sitter found a true companion to achieve his twisted kicks. When Corneil proves reluctant, he can always threaten to reveal all the secret of his language. He usually tries to pursue his goal with Corneil either bailing or helping him while sometimes acting as the 'frontman' for Corneil's goals.


Bernie is Corneil's dog sitter and the only one to know about Corneil's ability to talk. He is a high school senior and is always getting detention because of Corneil's actions and his own. He still does cares for Corneil. Bernie is lazy and hates it when he doesn't get his way. Sadly, we never learn the whereabouts of his parents.


Bernie is quite arrogant, selfish, immature and very inpatient. however, in a number of episodes, he is very nice and easy-going. Bernie gets stressed and sarced in tough situations, and can get very angry in some cases. Him and Corneil often get into many arrguments and disargeements, all of which Corneil often wins. He'll do anything for money or to be famous and rich by any means necessary.


Bernie wears a orange jacket, blue long-sleeve shirt, green pants and plain white shoes. His hair is spikey and blue.