Bernie Wilkins is a very kind and friendly social worker in Hotel for Dogs. He is played by Don Cheadle.


Wilkins first arrives to take Andi and Bruce to their foster parents' home because they pulled a trick on someone again. So when they go to the foster home and Lois tells them where they're going, Bernie takes the defense of the kids by making an excuse for them to not be grounded in their room, and warns them that he does not want to hear about their tricks again. When he is in his house with his wife he talks about the kids, and Bernie finally said they are very touching. So he go to their foster home and brings them with him, telling them that he finally found the perfect family for them. But they rejected the proposition because he said it was far away. When Andi and Bruce get caught in the hotel, he wanted to plead with Carl and Lois, but he failed and had no choice but to separate the two kids. Afterwards, he goes to the old hotel to see what the kids have done and why they hide all of the lost dogs. While he was reading the names in the visitor book, he meets Harley who was the only dog to not be captured during the decent. He finally discovers all of the wonderful things the kids have done. He knew they were saving the dogs. When all the dogs return to the hotel, he appears upstairs and finally makes a statement to make everyone see what the kids have done for all of the dogs. He and his wife adopted Andi and Bruce at the end of the movie.

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