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The Berry Princess is the guardian of the Berrykins who made her first and so far only appearance: Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins. She served as caretaker for the Berrykins until letting the Strawberrylanders adopt them. In 2009, The Berry Princess was renamed as Princess Berrykin and instead of being a caretaker of the formerly helpless creatures, she now serves as the ruler of the hardworking and talented berrykins. She was voiced by Susan Roman.


The Berry Princess has a more human-like appearance when compared to the other characters, having a tall, slender build unlike the children's chubby features and The Peculiar Purple Pieman's cartoonish physique. She has golden-blonde hair, with a braid going across the top of her head. She has a purple flower on either side of her head. She possesses Caucasian skin, blue eyes, and pink lips. She wears a dress not unlike Glinda's, from The Wizard of Oz. It has a purple bodice with long, gold-trimmed, purple sleeves and a poofy, light purple skirt. She carries a wand.


  • She is a very kind and loving person who cares deeply for the berrykins and Strawberrylanders. She is even nice to The Peculiar Purple Pieman, the person creating the cloud over Strawberryland.