Bert Raccoon is the main protagonist of The Raccoons. He is voiced by Len Carlson.


When Bert moved from Metropolis, he was lucky enough to become the permanent houseguest of Ralph and Melissa, his childhood friends. Since then, life at the Raccoondominium has never been the same. The trio are usually trying to thwart the plans of a greedy aardvark named Cyril Sneer, but are friends with his son Cedric.


Hockey star, baseball legend, go-cart guru, rock'n'roll star, peanut butter lover, ace reporter - Raccoon Extraordinaire! You name it, Bert has done it. Sometimes well, sometimes not so well! Bert is the best at whatever he tries (well at least according to him). Bert tells his friends and anyone who will listen, that he is one of the greatest raccoons who ever lived!

One thing everyone knows for sure - Bert is the "best friend" anyone could ask for! He has a great big heart and he is the first to come to anyone's aid in the Evergreen Forest. And they all know that with the crazy adventures that happen in the Evergreen Forest, Bert Raccoon is never far behind with his trusty peanut butter.


Bert has appeared in all specials and episodes since his debut.


Cedric Sneer

Cedric is Bert's best friend.

Ralph Raccoon

Ralph is a childhood friend of Bert's.

Melissa Raccoon

Melissa is a childhood friend of Bert's.

Cyril Sneer

Is Bert's Archenemy and rotten jerk

The Pigs

Bentley Raccoon

Bentley looks up to Bert like a big brother.

Lisa Raccoon

Bert was instantly smitten with Lisa when he first met her.




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