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Well done, Thomas! That was fun, but to beat you over that hill, I'd have to grow wings and be an aeroplane!
~ Bertie

Bertie the Bus

Bertie is a small red bus who works near Thomas' Branch Line in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. He is cheerful, friendly, and always ready to help anyone in need, but can't resist teasing Thomas about being slow. Bertie is continuously alluding to his race with Thomas and how he could win the next time. He actually raced Thomas again in the seventh season episode "Three Cheers for Thomas"  but only won because Thomas was sidetracked with collecting the sports day medals.  Bertie has appeared in every season of the series except for season 22.

Bertie in the CGI series


Bertie is based off of an AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area bus.

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