Bessy (voiced by Wanda Sykes) is the tetartagonist in the Barnyard franchise. She is a sassy brown cow who lives on the barnyard, and is best with sarcastic comments toward the others. She is the main deuteragonist in the series. In the movie, she was Daisy's best friend, but after Daisy was replaced by the more tomboyish Abby , she now serves as her best friend. Bessy is smarter than the other animals in the barnyard and doesn't like their antics. Even though Bessy is known to be the object of Pip's affections, she scornfully fails to return the same feelings. In one episode, Bessy reveals that she lost her little son at a county fair, and mistakenly believes that her son's Otis; but then it was revealed that this is not true as they're not related.
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