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Bethany Sloane is the main protagonist of Dogma. She is the last alive long-distant descendant of Jesus Christ.

She is portrayed by Linda Fiorentino.


Bethany was born in 1961 (which makes her 37 during the events in Dogma), and was raised as a devout Roman Catholic.

Upon leaving high school, Bethany attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her high school sweetheart, Brett Waits. She gets pregnant sometime in 1981. After an argument on whether or not to have the child with Brett, Bethany gets an abortion. She tells him, however, that she had a miscarriage.

Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Bethany and Brett get married and attempt to start a family. However, Bethany had an infection inside her uterus stemming from her abortion years earlier, making her unable to have children. Upon finding out about this after Bethany confesses to Brett about what had really happened, Brett divorces Bethany and some time later, marries another woman.

While Bethany is talking to her mother about her personal crises, Bethany loses her faith in God. Shortly afterwards, Bethany settles in McHenry, Illinois and works at an abortion clinic. However, her faith is restored when she is recruited by the Metatron to save existence from two renegade angels, simultaneously learning that she is the last living descendant of Jesus Christ. The unique friendships she forms with various unknown figures from Christian history during her journey, and their insights into her past and the world around her, inspire Bethany to regain her faith and strength. At the film's conclusion, she becomes pregnant as a gift from God for her work in Her efforts.

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