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Bev Bighead
Beverly "Bev" Bighead, also known as Mrs. Bighead, is the wife of Ed Bighead, the mother of Rachel Bighead, and a major character from Rocko's Modern Life. She was voiced by Charlie Adler who also voiced Ed as well.

Physical Appearance

Bev is a green cane toad with orange hair, blue-green lips. She wears a pink shirt, a pearl necklace, and blue pants and white high heels.


Bev is a loud, domineering wife to her husband Ed, but she does loves her husband very much. Unlike her husband, she enjoys the company of Rocko, Spunky, Heffer and Filburt. She is a party animal who likes to sunbathe and cooking. It is possible that Bev sees Rocko more than a neighbor, like trying to have an affair with him, trying to seduce Rocko on more than one occasions, having Rocko to see her naked many times.


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