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And I'm not saying other people don't love their children, I'm just saying I love mine way more than they love theirs
~ Beverly Goldberg
I have failed as a mother!
~ Beverly's catchphrase, when trying to guilt her family to do something they don't want to

Beverly Goldberg is a major character from the 2013 sitcom The Goldbergs. She is the overactive, overbearing and extremely protective "smother" of the Goldberg family and The wife of Murray Goldberg who goes to extreme lengths to assure that her family is close and happy even if it means crushing their ambitions. Her worst enemies are Coach Meller, Principal Ball and Murray Goldberg (sometimes.)


Beverly is a loving and caring mother and knows what's right for her children. However, her parenting style is essentially babying her kids whether they want it or not, but later seasons prove that tending to their every need and swooping in to get them out of trouble have left them, Erica especially, completely unprepared to survive in the adult world. Likewise, she can be selfish, smothering and wholly blind to reality. Despite this, she is doing it out of love and she would make things right if she goes too far.

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