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I want to run towards something, not away.
~ Beverly in It: Chapter One.

Beverly "Bev" Marsh is the tritagonist of Stephen King's horror novel, miniseries and film adaptation, IT. She is the only female member of The Losers Club. As a child, she is bullied mercilessly for being a "slut" and is abused by her father. As an adult, she marries an equally abusive and misogynistic man. She leaves him, though, when he attacks her with particular violence after she tells him she needs to return to Derry, secretly to help finish off It.  She is remarkably proficient with a slingshot and gravely wounds IT twice, the second time helping the Losers defeat the creature once and for all. She is the love interest of Bill Denbrough (they remain friends as adults) and Ben Hanscomb.

In the 1990 TV miniseries 'It,' Beverly was played by Emily Perkins for the scenes when she is a young girl, and by Annette O'Toole for the scenes when she is an adult. In the 2017 theatrical film of 'It,' she is played by Sophia Lillis; who also portrayed Nancy Drew. She will be later played by Jessica Chastain as an adult in the sequel of IT that will be released in 2019.


Friends and Allies


  • It/Pennywise the Dancing Clown - Arch Enemy
  • Henry Bowers - Bully and Enemy
  • The Bowers Gang - Bullies and Enemies
  • Alvin Marsh - Abusive Father and Enemy (deceased)
  • Greta Keane - Bully and Enemy
  • Greta's Friends - Bullies and Enemies
  • Tom Rogan - Abusive Ex-Husband and Enemy (deceased in the novel)



  • In the novel, she is described by Stephen King having red or auburn hair, but in the 1990 miniseries, she has brown hair while in the 2017 film, she is a redhead.
  • She is both the love interest of Bill and Ben who both kiss her in the 2017 film.
  • She uses a slingshot to defeat It in the novel and in the miniseries but in the 2017 film, she beats It up and impales him with a rebar.
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