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Bianca is the beautiful she-wolf in Sheep and Wolves.

She is voiced by Ruby Rose in the first film and Kate Bristol in the second film, the former who later played Batwoman and the latter who also voices Kisa Sohma.


Bianca is prettiest she-wolf in the pack and Grey's love interest. She is strong and independent and can take drastic action if the situation calls for it. She is in love with Grey and expects him to ask for her paw in marriage. When Grey plays prank on her, she becomes hurt and humiliated she decides to break up with Grey. In the end after Grey manages to mature and take responsibility and reclaim the wolf pack even still being a ram, he wins and reclaims Bianca's love and takes her paw in marriage.

Sheep and Wolves

Bianca is the prettiest she-wolf in the pack, she and Grey are in love with each other. but Grey manages to mess up with his kiddish and foolish attitude making Bianca hate Grey and loosing the right to lead the pack. When Grey decides to change himself and gets turned into a ram, in the wolf pack Bianca witnesses the new evil leader take over with horror, since Grey never returned and never took responsibility and maturity to take anything serious. After a while Grey returns to the tree where Bianca and him declared her love only to get tackle down by Bianca when she hears him scream her name and finally letting her know is Grey himself as a ram. Much to Grey's horror Bianca breaks up with him since he is very irresponsible and immature. Next to know that Grey was transformed by a magician, Bianca decides to find answers to help Grey return to its wolf form. Grey finally took responsibility for his actions and help the rams and sheep against the wolf attack that was coming with hand made weaponry and more. when the battle between grey and the evil wolf leader came, Grey finally stood up to him even if he had to be a ram forever at the mid moments, Bianca and the magician brought the antidote for Grey to return to normal before the day was over, Grey was punched and covered with rubble after drinking the antidote making everyone believe Grey would have to be a ram forever and had lost but in the rubble Grey emerged back as a wolf and defeated the evil wolf and reclaim the pack and reclaims Bianca's love and ask Bianca's paw in marriage and happily rule the pack together and in peace with the Ram village.

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