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Hero Overview

Bianca Dupree

Bianca Dupree is the main raven-haired heroine of Beverly Hills Teens.

She was voiced by Terri Hawkes.


Bianca has long black hair and a slim stature. Her main outfit is a pink, filled long sleeved dress and high heels. She has turquoise eyeliner, green topaz jewel earrings and a turquoise and white bead necklace.

Alongside her main outfit, she also has a dress for parties and other similar occasions. This is comprised of a pink dress, pink gloves, a bracelet, the same topaz earrings, a necklace with a green topaz jewel on it, a gold tiara, and a brown fur wrap.


Bianca is shown to be the most self-absorbed of the characters, and is usually portrayed as a spoiled rich girl. She usually acts rude to the others, and is hardly ever nice (usually to Blaze).


  • In a strange twist of irony, she shares the same voice actress with her main rival, Blaze Summers.