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Bibi Blocksberg is a 13-year-old girl, depicted on the cover with blond hair tied to a pony tail with a red bow and wearing a green dress (her favourite colour), white bloomers, matching socks and no shoes. Bibi likes to use her magical powers to make practical jokes. Not only the mayor, but also the school principal, the teachers and many other people of Neustadt fall victim to her jokes. Her favourite mode of transport is her broomstick Kartoffelbrei (mashed potato) which she can make fly by chanting spell rhymes such as Eene meene Mei, Kartoffelbrei mein Flugzeug sei, or Eeene meene Schmieg, Kartoffelbrei los, flieg. Often, the journalist Karla Kolumna reports her jokes and adventures. Apart from her tendency to make jokes, Bibi has a big heart. She rescues the townspeople in many episodes, tries to help her friends and is opposed to injustice in the world.

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