Bibii is a 5 year old boy and is one of the main characters from Turkish animated Tv series Pepee.

Psychial appereance

Bibii is short 5 year old kid with brown tan skin. His attire is usually a white helmet in which he never takes it off from his head for some reason. He wears a yellow short sleeved shirt with bicycle symbol on it. A pinkish red pants and yellow golden boots. As well as red glasses. He so far along with Grandma and Shila's dad are the only characters to wear glasses.

Personality and behavior

Bibii is usually energetic 5 year old boy. Who's usually happy,cheerful and smiling just like most of the characters.

Despite his happiness,There are some occasions he's having a negative feelings.

In his debut I Missed You He was happy at the start but as the time goes on he starts feeling homesick and sad. Because he misses his mum.

In the episode Surprise Party He was sad and left out because his friend Pepee did not invited him and feeling lonely. Later as he goes to tell his friends for explanation. Pepee said what would Bibii say if he see them right now. Bibii got angry at Pepee thinking  he uninvited him delibaretely.

In the episode Sharing is Great He invited Pepee to play together with his toys. But when Susuu said They should play with Bibii's toys he was shocked and (Appereantly wasn't ready) So he got jealous and angrily snatched every toy Pepee laid his hand on. But quickly regret it when he found out Pepee left his vicinity. So he called his friends on the phone for advice and eventually Pepee forgived Bibii.

Despite all this negetive moments Bibii loves Pepee and his friends and always get along with them.


  • Pepee: In Bibii's Debut he met him from face to face. And when he started missing his mommy. Pepee,Zezee and the teacher sympathised him. There has been some episodes Pepee and Bibii did not get along.
  • Bebee: She met Bibii in the episode Go Go Pehlivan And ever since then he became her friend.
  • Mimii: Is one of Bibii's friends. even though she does not refers him by his name most of the time. In episode Sharing is Great when Bibii said he doesn't know what to do, Mimii gets the idea that He should tell Pepee how he feels to his face instead of them.
  • Duduu: There's been some interactions between both of them. Especially in Wet and Dry They were later working together to catch their umbrellas the Grandpa tossed from his balloon. But them comically both got drenched to skin from the rain.
  • Tutuu: Is one of Bibii's friends, However in Sharing is great He harshly says What's going on to Bibii And was careless to him in the beginning. However when Bibii tells what happened to this day. Tutuu sympathises both Pepee and Bibii.
  • Grandma: Is one of the characters that been loyal to Bibii.She cares about him.

In Pepee is a pirate She kindly informs that he can take off his bandage off his eye.

In Surprise Party She and others groaned with sadness when Bibii said he was thinking all the morning they didn't invite him because they don't love him.

In Sharing İs Great She was hoping That Bibii will apologize to Pepee for what he has done to him:

Powers and abilities

  • Extreme anger: In Surprise Party He snapped at his friends. assuming they didn't invite him on purpose
  • Wrestling: In Go Go Pehlivan pepee's Grandpa taught Them how to wrestle.====
  • Intelligence: In Clipping Our Nails He,Pepee and Zezee painted marbles and did something creative.


  • Bibii is the first talking human friend to be male and on Pepee's age.
  • He never took off his helmet (Thus if he has hair of he's bald is being mysterious.)
  • Some viewers thought Bibii's English voice sounds like Caillou. 
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