Big Bad Wolf 300
~ Big Bad Wolf in Shrek or someone else's bed

Wolf (sometimes known as Big Bad Wolf ) is one of the main protagonists in the Shrek series. He is loosely based on the character of the same name voiced by Aron Warner. He is very laid back and that makes him appear quite lazy although he is a very busy wolf, catching three pigs and a little girl has its difficulties. He also comes across as a Pansy. Unlike his counterpart, he is much friendlier to Shrek and the others while Little Red Riding Hood is on the Villains side aiding Prince Charming in his plan to take over Far Far Away.


In the first Shrek he was seen in Shrek's bed and pointing to another man when Shrek asked where "this Farquad guy is". At the end he sang "Who Let The Dogs Out" in the karaoke Shrek and the Swamp dance party.

Shrek 2

In the Shrek 2, he had a far bigger part than in any of the others. He first appeared in Fiona's Dragon Keep (with no explanation of how he got there) in her bed reading " Pork Illustrated" with a picture of a female pig in near to nothing on the front cover. He there told Prince Charming that Fiona was on her honeymoon . He also helped Shrek and the others stop Fiona from falling for Charming and defeat the Fairy Godmother. At the end he sang "Hungry Like The Wolf" with The Three Little Pigs in front of Shrek, Fiona and Simon Cowell.

Shrek the Third

He has another larger role in this movie. In Shrek the Third, he appeared at Fiona's baby shower and, along with Gingy, The Three Little Pigs, Pinoccio and The Three Blind Mice, gave Fiona a gift. He then helped save Shrek be killed (sort of) by getting in dressed as a bear.

He appeared in Shrek the halls to Celebrate Christmas with all the other Fairy tale creatures who all accidentally made Shrek's Christmas a disaster. He was the first to forgive Shrek because of his not bothered attitude and because he was hungry. When everyone forgave him they all went back to the house where he kicked pinoccio out of his "good spot".

Shrek Forever After

Wolf's role in the fourth film is much more minor. He mostly hands Rumple his wigs. The wolf then dances at the end

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