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We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology. We go where we're needed, fighting not for country, not for government, but for ourselves. We need no reason to fight. We fight because we are needed. We will be the deterrent for those with no other recourse. We are soldiers without borders, our purpose defined by the era we live in.
~ Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
I never thought of you as a son, but I always respected you as a soldier... and as a man.
~ Big Boss to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
This is good, isn't it?
~ Big Boss' last words.

Big Boss (formerly known as Naked Snake, and real name John) is one of the three main protagonists (alongside Solid Snake and Raiden), and the central antagonist and character of the Metal Gear series.

He serves as the main antagonist of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, a major character in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, and as a major character in Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain.

He was a legendary soldier and the founder of the U.S. Army Special Forces unit, FOXHOUND, MSF and Outer Heaven, co-founder of the Patriots, and president of Zanzibar Land. Originally a special forces agent, Big Boss would become disillusioned after Operation Snake Eater and attempted to live the Boss' will by helping soldiers find purpose on their lives.

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker, he is voiced by David Hayter (who also voiced Solid Snake in the same series, Hero of Tython in The Old Republic: Revan, Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho and Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi), as Richard Doyle voiced the character in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns for the Patriots.

In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, he is voiced by famous actor Kiefer Sutherland, who also voiced Samson in The Wild, Prince Hans/The Nutcracker in The Nutcracker Prince, General Monger in Monsters vs. Aliens, and Venom Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and also portrayed Jack Bauer in the 24 TV series.



John (nicknamed Jack) was born in 1935, and joined the military in the 1950s, fighting in the Korean War. Jack met The Boss, becoming her protégé and disciple, and she taught him extensive combat, weaponry, survival, espionage, destruction, psychology, and foreign languages.

In addition, Jack and The Boss later developed CQC (close quarter combat), which became a famous combat style. Through the experience, Jack held The Boss in high regard, viewing her as a mentor and parental figure in his life. In 1954, John was involved in the Bikini Atoll test of the first airborne detonation of the hydrogen bomb, and didn't develop the symptoms like his most of his friends, but was rendered sterile. On June 12, 1959, Jack and The Boss parted ways, and would meet again five years later in Snake Eater.

In 1961, John was sent on covert operations during the early stages of the Vietnam War, and met and befriended Python. He later stated that Python was one of the few soldiers he could rely on during battles, and the two played poker together. The two were later involved in a mission where Python was shot and presumed dead.

Before 1964, John served in the Green Berets for several years, and became an experienced sniper in urban and marine environments. Also, Jack would eat snakes during previous survival training exercises, which would became useful during his future missions. Around this time, John was awarded various medals and commendations, including the Army Achievement Ribbon, the Good Conduct Ribbon, Defense Distinguished Service Ribbon, Korean Service Ribbon, the Distinguished Service Cross Ribbon, possibly the Vietnam Service Ribbon, and many others. John eventually joined Major Zero's fledgling FOX Unit.

Snake Eater

On 24th August, 1964 when Jack took on the Virtuous Mission to rescue defecting Soviet scientist Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov, in the process completing the world's first HALO jump. After Jack was codenamed 'Naked Snake', he rescued Sokolov, running into and defeating the young Major Ocelot, who he nonetheless took a shine to, advising him about using revolvers to suit his flashy style. As Snake escorted Sokolov back to the extraction point, the professor explained to him that the Soviet government had forced him to work on a new revolutionary weapon, the Shagohod, and begged him to help destroy it by warning his government.

The mission seemed like a success until The Boss appeared, meeting Sokolov and Snake on a wooden bridge. It was found out that Boss defected over to the Russians, using her Cobra Unit (a small band of soldiers with supernatural abilities) to kidnap Sokolov again, and using her CQC to wound Snake and throw him off the bridge into the water. An electricity controlling sadist named Colonel Volgin then launched a nuke on Russian soil and blamed it on America. A few weeks later, Snake was sent back into the jungle on Operation:Snake Eater, kill The Boss to prove to the Russians it was not America who launched the nuke. At first trying to meet another male spy named ADAM, Snake instead met EVA, a female spy with a motorcycle, one of which he was attracted to.

Throughout his hunt for Boss, Snake killed the Cobra Unit one by one, The Pain, The Fear, The End, and The Fury. He then intercepted the base to rescue Sokolov and destroy the Shagohod, a prototype Metal Gear. However, Volgin saw through Snake's disguise and captured him. Volgin first killed Sokolov (who, at the end, was found out that he faked his death) and brutally tortured Snake, ultimately ending up with Snake's right eye shot out and to be put in a cell. After breaking out, he ran into the deceased Cobra Unit member's ghost, The Sorrow, got an eyepatch for his impaired eye, and killed/destroyed both Volgin and the Shagohod.

Snake finally met and killed The Boss in a beautiful field of flowers, leaving Snake cold and bitter at the fact he was forced to kill what felt like a mother to him to stop a nuclear war, especially when he found out the Boss didn't defect and was simply acting under her commanding officers' orders. He also found out EVA left him after they had slept with each other and found out she was a spy but not for the CIA, instead a double agent from China. Snake was then called an American hero for assassinating The Boss, Snake earned the title 'Big Boss'.

Portable Ops

Big Boss then met Frank Jeager and Roy Campbell in 1966 when got captured by FOX, his own unit, in 1970. Being blamed for making FOX go rouge, Big Boss created another organization to fight FOX back. He named the organization FOXHOUND that contained Major Zero, Big Boss' commanding officer during Operation Snake Eater, Ocelot, who was found out to be a triple agent who was really working for the US, Frank, EVA, and Para-Medic, another one of Big Boss' old contacts. With FOXHOUND winning the war against FOX, FOX's leader, Gene, gave Big Boss all of FOX's soldiers and money. Later on, Ocelot and Zero created yet another unit with Big Boss, this time in the form of The Boss' vision and an evolved version of the Philosophers that controlled the US government, called the Patriots.

Division in the Patriots

Around this time, Big Boss participated in a mission to rescue EVA from Hanoi in 1971, who later joined Zero's organization herself. Stories about Big Boss, riddled with exaggeration and misrepresentation, were disseminated by Zero among the masses, elevating him to the status of an idol; a symbol to control the people. Friction developed between the two as Zero's lust for power grew, with Big Boss resenting his role as the puppet. In 1971, FOXHOUND is now an official US unit, however, Big Boss was wounded and put in a coma. Afraid that Big Boss will die along with his legendary outline, Major Zero took Big Boss' DNA and gives it to EVA to be the surrogate mother. She gives birth to three children/clones. Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Solid Snake. Angered at what Zero did to him and how they're corrupting the original image The Boss visioned, Big Boss left The Patriots.

Peace Walker

In late 1972, Big Boss was hired by the Colombian government to work with its army. There, Big Boss's unit ambushed guerrilla leader Kazuhira Miller and his unit, wiping them all out except for Miller, who Big Boss saved and recruited him. Big Boss later established his own mercenary group known as Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders), or MSF for short, with Miller as second in command.

Big Boss discovered that the CIA unit Peace Sentinel were building a Metal Gear called Peace Walker. It is used to destroy other war machines that launch nuclear weapons, but it's AI has the psychology of The Boss. CIA chief, Hot Coldman reprograms Peace Walker to fire on Cuba right before his death. Big Boss had to fight Peace Walker, until Peace Walker's AI/The Boss 'drowns' itself to stop itself from doing any harm in an emotional scene. After stopping Peace Walker, Snake believed that this demonstrated that the Boss abandoned him and her ideals by "putting down her gun", and thus decided to take the title of "Big Boss".


See [Big Boss]

Guns of the Patriots

15 years later, Big Boss, still apparently dead, is mourned by EVA. Solid Snake, who is a hardcore veteran but is suffering from rapid aging and has FOXDIE, a disease that will kill him and spread, is sent on one final mission: Assassinate his evil brother, Liquid, who possessed Revolver Ocelot. Big Boss' decomposed corpse is thrown into a fire after having it's genes and EVA sacrifices her elderly self in order to save it, but it is in vain, as she dies from the wound. In the end when Liquid is killed and Snake is about to die, he is about to kill himself to stop FOXDIE from spreading, until Big Boss, somehow still alive, stops him and explains everything.

It turns out Big Boss did survive his last run in with Snake, and the corpse that was thrown into the fire was really Solidus Snake. Big Boss injected himself with FOXDIE, lifting it from Snake but, it will quickly kill Big Boss. Big Boss quickly grows weaker (but not before euthanizing Major Zero, who is in a vegetative state) and weakly falls against his own grave. He tells Snake to live the rest of his life as a peaceful civilian because the world does not need snakes. Snake lights Big Boss' final, iconic cigar, and watches him as he dies, with his last words being, 'This is good...isn't it?'


Big Boss is considered to be the greatest soldier to ever fight. He single handedly defeated the entire Cobra Unit, the legendary Boss, Colonel Volgin in a fistfight, the Shagohod, the Ocelot Unit along with it's commander, Peace Walker, and put up a fight against Solid Snake in his own elderly age. also easily disarming him at the elder age of 79. He developed the martial art known as CQC along with the Boss, and literally knows about almost every weapon, and is especially able to operate them.

He usually does not kill people if he does not have to and has a large appetite, able to eat almost anything and is perfectly capable of survival in the jungle for days without any equipment.

Though, he does have a few weaknesses but none too large or ever stands in his way. He has a slight addiction to cigars, though controllable. He also believes in Santa Claus and vampires, with vampires being one of the only thing he fears.


Big Boss was a Caucasian male with long brown hair, beard and blue eyes, however his right eye was shot out during Operation: Snake Eater, thus forcing him to don his iconic black eye patch. During Snake Eater and the Virtuous mission (excluding his several disguises), he wore a full body military jumpsuit (the color is dependent on the player's choice, though it is usually depicted as a camouflage color) overlapped by a black STABO harness, a single right legged knee supporter, and pair of combat boots. He also had his iconic dark green bandana and black gloves (which seem to be leather), with the thumb and first two fingers cut out for better gun and CQC handling.

In Portable Ops, he wore a black sneaking suit with an olive harness and heavily protected leggings. During Peace Walker, he wore a black bodysuit overlapped by an olive vest with several harnesses and utility straps.

After becoming the leader of FOXHOUND, his brown hair went to white-grey and was cut shorter and slicked back. He also sported a white-gray beard, and he usually donned a brown trench coat.




  • In the Japanese dub, he was voiced by Akio Ōtsuka, and Chikao Ōtsuka in Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • Big Boss has received the Army Achievement Ribbon, the Good Conduct Ribbon, the Defense Distinguished Service Ribbon, the Korean Service Ribbon, the Distinguished Service Cross Ribbon, and several others.

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