Big George was a secondary hero in the novel Fried Green Tomatoes by the Whistle Stop Cafe and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

He was a larger African American man, thus leading to his name Big George. He was a friend of Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison. When Idgie needed help to go rescue Ruth from her abusive husband Frank Bennett Big George went along to help. He was able to intimidate Frank into letting Ruth go.

After Ruth and Idgie opened the Whistle Stop Cafe he went to work for them, running their barbecue.

When Ruth had her baby Buddy Jr. Frank Bennett and his Ku Klux Klan buddies later came to town to intimidate locals and so that Frank could kidnap Ruth's baby. The other Klan members seized Big George and beat him. The local sheriff ordered the Klan to let George go, and had his men prepared to use force against the Klan. They released Big George, and Idgie took him in to treat his injuries.

Meanwhile Frank Bennett tried to kidnap Buddy Jr. Before he could put the baby in his truck Big George's mother Sipsie killed him by hitting him with a frying pan when Frank attacked drifter Smokey Lonesome when he tried to keep Frank from leaving. Idgie, Big George, Smokey, and Sipsey realized that they had a big problem on their hands - even though this was a justifiable homicide the Jim Crow south would still have Sipsey killed for Frank's death.

Idgie and Big George disposed of Frank's remains by coking them on the cafe's barbecue. Sheriff Curtis Smoote - who was in town investigating the disappearance of Frank - inadvertently consumed the evidence.

After Frank's truck was discovered in the river Big George and Idgie were arrested. The sheriff told Idgie that she could disappear and the Alabama authorities would be satisfied with Big George. Idgie refused to abandon her friend to a certain death.

At the trial the Reverend Herbert Scroggins told the court that Big George and Idgie had both been at a tent revival when Frank disappeared, and that Big George had been running the barbecue as he had for the past several years. The judge heard enough and ruled that Frank Bennett got drunk, drove in the river, and was eaten up by the wildlife. Adding that he did not give a damn, he ruled Frank's death to have been accidental. Big George and Idgie were released from custody.


  • Big George was played in the movie by Stan Shaw.
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