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Big N****, frequently censored as Big N or Big Ni🅱🅱a, is a popular internet meme character originating in early 2017. His entry in Urban Dictionary describes him: "The god sworn to protect the earth form harm. He is our lord and savior and protects us from outer space. He hated dinosaurs though, so he let a meteoroid get by and kill them all, but he has sworn that he will not let this happen again. So with the big n**** watching over us, you should be able to sleep knowing that you are safe."


The meme most likely originated from the YouTube video entitled "Phatnigga minecraft-meme", which featured an overweight African-American man dancing in the popular video game Minecraft. The character's Facebook page was created in July 2017.

The character soon rose as a comedic trend, featuring photoshopped pictures of overweight African-American men (presumably the same character in different forms), protecting the Earth and humanity from danger. His history was given soon afterwards, being an omnipotent deity that hated the dinosaurs and let them die, but loves humanity and wants to protect them, even from themselves. As humans continue their existence, Big N protects them from alien attacks, meteor strikes, disease, and will even occasionally come down to fight human evils, such as terrorists, Nazis, and liberals.

The memes usually include the character in a breaking news alert, performing an amazing or even reality-warping heroic act, such as splitting cancer atoms, solving cold fusion, blocking meteors, etc. Others will show him in his downtime "boolin", or simply hanging out. Apparently, the planet Saturn is actually the character hula-hooping.

Following his creation and popularity, the character has been used frequently, often performing hilariously impossible feats or protecting people from danger, which usually differs depending on the time and what problems people face (for example, he will be seen fighting for net neutrality, racial equality, or suicide prevention). After the passing of real-life science icon Stephen Hawking (who he was friends and allies with in the memes), posts were released featuring the character attending Hawking's funeral.

Corey Struggs

One of the most common people used in Big N**** memes is real-life rapper Corey Struggs, who suffered from cancer. Reddit user pHorniCaiTe began a GoFundMe page to help, entitled "Big n**** has big cancer". Within six days, the post gained over 39,700 points (90% upvoted) and 840 comments.


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