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I had no trouble being a monster. I loved it, in fact, and would have been perfectly content to grow ever more monstrous, day by day.
~ Bigby Wolf in the comics.
I don't know... It seems like no matter what I do, it's just not enough for her. Or anyone. I just- I go out there and I do my job. I put my life on the line, I get shot at! I do what has to be done, for them! But at the end of the day I'm still the bad guy.
~ Bigby on his job as sheriff to Nerissa.

Sheriff Bigby Wolf, also known as The Big Bad Wolf, is a central character in the comic book series Fables, and the main protagonist of Telltale's video game and Fables prequel The Wolf Among Us.

Bigby is a fable and the big bad wolf of lore that terrorizes and even killed several fairy tale characters through out history. He now serves as the Sheriff of Fabletown, protecting all the Fables forced to live in there in an attempt to redeem himself of his past horrible deeds.

In The Wolf Among Us, he is voiced by Adam Harrington.


Early Life

Bigby is the son of North Wind and Winter Wolf alongside his numerous siblings who were born two seasons following his parents meeting, but North Wind would return home, leaving Winter heartbroken. In his youth, Bigby was bullied by his brothers for being the runt of the litter, and they would give him the name "Bigby" from shortening the "Big Bad Wolf". When their mother died, Bigby stayed at his mother's corpse while his brothers went to look for their father. Bigby failed to save his mother's remains from scavengers, leading to the wolf to swear vengance to one day find and confront North Wind. Seeing that he needed to become stronger due to his small size, Bigby swore to eat anything bigger than him so he could be stronger and larger when he confronted his father.

In the homelands, Bigby started to hunt the three little pigs, but seemingly failed to eat all three since they were still alive by the Exodus event. Afterward, he went on to hunt humans for food, first going after Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, but the Woodsman would save Red Riding Hood by cutting open the wolf's stomach. Though thrown into a river to drown, Bigby managed to survive by holding his breath, a gift he inherited from his father. Despite his failure to eat Red Riding Hood, Bigby was successful in eating other humans to the point that he grew large and strong enough to confront North Wind.

Bigby would fail to defeat his father seven times, and gave up on his crusade. The wolf would continue to hunt down humans, and when coming across a few, freed Snow White from her shackles, and was impressed when she wasn't afraid of him.

Becoming Sheriff

Once he fled from the homelands, Bigby would wonder across Europe and continue his carnage, but his bloodbath was blamed on the Count by locals. He would later encounter Snow White and Feathertop, who promised him safe passage in the new community, and she cut him with a stained knife that allowed Bigby to shift into human form. He was then given the positiohn of sheriff due to his detective skills, fighting skills and intimidating personality. Due to his previous actions in the homelands, many Fables didn't trust him initially.

The Wolf Among Us

In The Wolf Among Us, Bigby Wolf is the sheriff who deals with cases and maintains the peace between each Fables despite most of them not trusting him. When Faith is murdered by an unknown culprit, Bigby's investigation leads him to discover the corruption within the community.


Bigby is a hard and cold person, because of his experiences in the fairy-tale Homelands and formerly being the most notorious fairy-tale villain to many of the Fables. His violent past causes him to be despised by many in the Fable community. However despite his coarse nature he seems to truly want to atone for his past misdeeds and takes his role as Sheriff of Fabletown very seriously. He also cares very deeply about the safety and well being of the other Fables, espescially Snow White, whose kindness and love was enough to turn him from his evil ways and become the protector of Fables that he now is.

Powers & Abilities


  • Werewolf-Physiology:
    • Transformation: Bigby can transform into his wolf form at will, proven on Fables comics. On his wolf form, Bigby strength, agility and durability are boosted greatly. However, he can also access that form by anger, and in that case, it will be volatile and mostly uncontrollable. Bigby's transformations has many stages, from looking barely wolf-like, to becoming a giant, ferocious wolf.
    • Superhuman Strength: As shown on The Wolf Among Us and various times on Fables comics, he has superhuman strength, able to rip people's limbs off with ease and restrain people bigger and more muscular than him (Such as the woodsman),
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Bigby has shown to have notable reaction time, able to skillfully dodge blows from fables who are trained greatly on the arts of combat, such as Bluebeard.
    • Superhuman Durability: Bigby has massive durability, able to being shot multiple times at close range by shotguns and still survive. Since then, his durability only grew, altough by unspecific amounts.
    • Rapid Cellular Regeneration: Like any werewolf, he is nearly-immortal due to his rapid cellular regenerative powers. Built wounds from silver healed within day or less, whereas normal bullet wounds heal almost instantaneously.


  • Skilled Fighter: Bigby Wolf is a skilled hand-to-hand combat, able to beat people like the Woodsman and Bluebeard relying solely on his bare hands. But he also shown that he is very skilled on using his claws and regular nowadays objects as weapons (Like axes and lamps).



  • According to Bigby, smoking deadens his senses to prevent a sensory overload from being in the city.


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