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Bigmouth is Hungry!!

Bigmouth is a character who appeared in the comic book story "Smurf Soup". He mostly appears as a recurring character in the animated series The Smurfs.


Bigmouth has since been seen in various episodes of the television cartoon show up until Season 8. He is an ogre who loves feeding his face with food. As with other ogres, he is superhumanly big and strong, but not very bright.

He also appears as an exclusive offer in the Smurfs' Village app game. Although Bigmouth is considered by the Smurfs to be a friend of sorts, or at least not an enemy like Gargamel, his size, appetite and ogre disposition combined sometimes causes problems with them, such as eating up their smurfberry bushes and taking their food supply without even asking. He also occasionally barges into Gargamel's castle unannounced, eating the wizard's food and almost anything else in sight, even rocks. While Gargamel may the odd time squawk in useless protest at this, he prefers to hide in his closet along with Azrael until the ogre has gone. However, Bigmouth has been known to help either Gargamel or the Smurfs, depending on who has more to offer him, usually food, but after the events of "Bigmouth's Friend", Bigmouth realized that Gargamel was no friend of his after the wizard told him off.

During the series, Bigmouth has proven himself to be capable of loving other things besides food. For example, he does become good friends with Clockwork Smurf in the episode "Bigmouth's Friend", and from that episode on Bigmouth apparently becomes an ally of the Smurfs after they save Clockwork, but he would still prove to be a nuisance on occasion. In "Lazy's Slumber Party", he is revealed to be in love with an ogress named Bignose, whom he eventually marries, and in "Bringing Up Bigfeet", we see him watching over a nephew of hers, a baby ogre called Bigfeet. In the comic books, Bigmouth has an ogre cousin who appears in the story "The Ogre and the Smurfs", in which he takes Gargamel as his personal hostage in order to find the little blue people.

Bigmouth was voiced in the cartoon series by the late Lennie Weinrib.


  • Bigmouth's first comic book appearance was in "Smurf Soup", which was also his first cartoon show appearance. In both the comic book and his introductory cartoon episode he was identified as a giant instead of an ogre.
  • Also, Bigmouth's speech patterns are different in both media presentations, as his comic book version is able to speak fluently in human language and his cartoon show version speaks in what is called "Hulk speak" (after Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk), addressing himself in the third person.
  • Originally, "Smurfs Soup" was Bigmouth's only comic book appearance, but he would later make his return comic appearance in the "Smurfs Monsters" story "Bigmouth and the Lizards" in 2014, almost 38 years after his last comic appearance.
  • Bigmouth was never an enemy of the Smurfs. However he did show enmity with Brainy Smurf in "Supersmurf" when Brainy sought vengeance on Bigmouth.
  • In the Season 9 episode "The Monumental Grouch", we meet an ancestor ogre of Bigmouth's, Biggus Mouthicus.
  • Bigmouth is one of the very few people who are a match for Jokey Smurf, when receiving one of Jokey's exploding gifts. Bigmouth, to everyone's surprise and Jokey probably the most, proceeded to eat it and making it explode in his mouth. He then remarked that it tasted good although it was a little too spicy for his taste.


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