Bigweld is the head of Bigweld Industries. He also owns a television show called "The Bigweld Show", and Rodney follows this show in his childhood. He also enjoys setting up and knocking down dominoes, resulting in his famous alias "King of the beach". Bigweld has two main catchphrases heard in the movie:
  • "You can shine no matter what you're made of!"
  • "See a need, fill a need!"

When trying to fire Ratchet from the company, Bigweld is hit over the head with a telephone by Ratchet. Rodney is then able to save him and flee. However, Bigweld suffers amnesia and sings songs such as "Daisy" during their escape from Ratchet, but Rodney is soon able to repair him. He has no legs, but resembles an enormous titanium sphere on which are added arms, a tuxedo-like cover, and a head; Bigweld is voiced by Mel Brooks and has similarities to Santa Claus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Walt Disney, Geppetto, and Nelson Mandela.


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