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The Mice themselves are, character-wise, almost the same as before, except that now they have been properly formed into a special commando squad; as such, Throttle's leadership role has been formally recognized with the rank of Commander. There have also been minor changes in costume: Throttle has new sunglasses and a solitary green crossbelt similar to Vinnie's under a new, shorter vest and his one powered glove has been replaced with twin powered gloves that also act as laser blasters, Modo has new boots and a cutting torch in his mechanical arm, Vinnie carries powered shuriken and powered gloves identical to Throttle's, and all three have new helmets. But more controversially for fans of the original series, they have been drawn substantially slimmed-down and less muscular, noticeably less furry and more anthropomorphic than originally. All three also have new bikes: Vinnie has a red superbike similar to his old one, Modo has a purple-blue three-wheeled chopper he calls "Hard Case" in place of his old chopper/easyrider/fatboy, and Throttle has a green cruiser or bobber in place of his old black chopper or Softail. All three bikes are augmented with new weapons, improved artificial intelligence, and flight, aquatic, and all-terrain capabilities.


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