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Be excellent to each other.
~ Bill and Ted's philosophy.

William "Bill" S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan III are the titular main protagonists in the Bill and Ted series.

Bill was portrayed by Alex Winter, and Ted by Keanu Reeves. In Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, William Throne portrays young Bill, and Brendan Ryan portrays young Ted.


In the distant future, it is a utopian society where it is peaceful thanks Bill and Ted's music that change the world forever. Rufus is from the future of San Dimas of the year 2688 in the 27th century. Bill and Ted were the great ones who started the utopian society with their music. Their are in great danger, we found out that Bill and Ted are failing history, unless they get an A+ in their history report they will fail history and they can't graduate. Ted also will flunk out of school, if he fails history. His father will send him to Oats Military academy in Alaska, if he doesn't pass his oral history report tomorrow. With Rufus help, he built a time machine out of a phone booth that helps his Bill and Ted pass their history report. The time machine was a success, when they had an idea to pass the history report to collect historical figures to speak at the report. Their history report was a success that got an A+ on their history report and pass history so they can stay in school and graduate. If they fail, they may got separated and the utopian society would be gone without their music.

The sequel, Bogus Journey,  is their seemingly final obstacle to start theiru topian society. They dated two medieval england princess they met while they were collecting historical figures. They took them out of England, before they married those royal jerks arranged by her father. Chuck De Nomolos, Rufus old teacher, hated the future utopian society. He wanted to go back in time and kill the great ones Bill and Ted and change his new society that he can rule with an iron fist. He created evil versions robots of them and go back in time and kill them. Bill and Ted just graduated from high school and they are struggling musicians three years later. They needed to win battle of the bands to marry the princess. If they win, 10 or 20 thousand dollars and a recording contract. Evil robots was successful of killing them, but they were resurrected when they challenge the grim reaper and won to go back.

After that, they built good robot versions of themselves by two scientist in heaven. The good robots destroyed the evil robots and De Nomolos tried to kill themselves and got world premiere to watch them die. But it backfired and De Nomolos is arrested and Bill and Ted won the battle of the bands to start their utopian society with their princesses and their children.

However, in the next sequel, Face the Music is a midquel series between the future of Bill and Ted's bogus Journey after the band split up and Death return to hell, it's revealed that they failed to create the utopian society. Now, they must team with their daughters, Whilelmina Logan (aka "Little Bill") and Theodora Preston (aka "Little Ted") to compose the song that will create the utopian society. Eventually, they suceed at composing the song, finally uniting the world in peace and harmony and the Uptonian society is restored.

Bill and Ted possible 4 or alternate movie.

The great leader showed Kelly Bill and Ted alternate future where they were one hit wonders and back as struggling musicians and their wives are the breadwinners of the family. The Great leader had orbs of alternate realities or possible futures. The Great Leader showed the possible future if Bill and Ted failed and helped them create an ultimatum song to save the save the Uptonian society. Since Rufus passed away a long time. He can't guide Bill and Ted anymore, so she called Kelly out here to finish what Rufus left off. Bill and Ted already fulfilled their destinies, but they one more obstacle to do to create the Uptonian society. The fate of our society is depending on the ultimate song. You need them to create that song to help save our society. Bill and Ted are performing in the recording studios and the producers are annoyed of their song. The producer told them that the CEO needs to see you right now, The CEO is proud of Wild Stallyns success. Your band sold over 90 million records worldwide. Five of your albums went triple platinum, the bands last two albums flopped, the company is considering dropping them from their label. We are giving them another chance, to create a song. I pulled some strings to perform UK-Russian treaty on disarming their nuclear arms in San Dimas they are fan of yours and want to play a concert their. This song is the only way they can shake hands and sign the treaty to disarms nuclear weapons. This song had to be special or we dropping you from our label. Bill and Ted are scared, that they need this ultimate song to help the treaty or we are fired. Their daughters already formed their band and if they get dropped, the label won't sign them. Bill's father passed away and Missy is on her fourth wedding with Ted's little brother Deacon. Bill couldn't believe that Missy divorced Bill's father, Ted's father and be widowed by Chuck De Nomolos who was our old nemesis and Rufus old teacher who tried to kill us and almost destroyed our future. Bill and Ted are counseling with their wives since all of them are busy with each other. They quit the band, to concentrate on their daughters, Station went back to Heaven and Death returning to underworld. We got selfish and greedy after our success and practically ignored our family. Now Kelly has go back in time and tell Bill and Ted about their fates. They must create their ultimate song to save their futures. They have not figure out how to create one. Kelly told them they have to figure out that themselves. They decided go to their future and talk to their future selves if they created one. Their daughter Teddie and Billie decide to help them out, since they got their our old phone booth and travelled find some song writers who can help them.



  • River Phoenix, Sean Penn and Brender Fraiser were considered for the role of Bill. Pauly Shore was considered for the role of Ted.


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