Bill Green is one of the main characters in the Disney television series Big City Greens. He is Cricket and Tilly's father and the patriarch of the Green Family.

He is voiced by Bob Joles.


Bill has yellow skin and brown hair. He has a visible flat chin and a somewhat chubby build. A portion of his index finger on his right hand is missing due to an accident with a hay baler.

Bill wears a green t-shirt with a pocket protector, a red trucker's cap, blue pants, and brown boots.


Unlike his ex-wife Nancy , Bill is notably more caring and responsible. He goes to great lengths to provide the necessary care for his family by working hard and putting food on the table.

However, he is also somewhat selfish, as evidenced in "Photo Op" where he tricked his family into getting a family photograph is the disguise of a trip to the local mall's food court.

Being the partriarch of the Green Family, he also comes out as overbearing. Often taking the primary authority in his family.

He has an interest in gymnastics, as shown in "Backflip Bill", much to his mother's disapproval.


Prior to the events of the series, Bill divorced with his wife Nancy, who was also arrested sometime later.

He moved to the Big City with his children Cricket and Tilly to live with his mother Alice. There, his family quickly adjusted to the city life, despite his children's outrageous antics. He also found work.

Bill quickly befriended Cricket and Tilly's new friend Remy Remington, who he treated like a second son by showing him how he solved problems by himself in "DIY Guys", although this ultimately backfired when the two of them got themselves lost in the local hardware store, resorting in Bill to come to the conclusion that every once in a while, it is fine to ask for help.

In "Photo Op", Bill went to outrageous measures in order to get his family to participate in a family photograph, despite their refusal. Although he succeeded, Bill learned that he made his own family largely upset in the process, and as an apology, he payed for lunch at the mall's food court just like he promised initially.




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