Bill Johnson is the main protagonist of the film Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. He first appears approached by research partners Gail Stern, Dr. Jack Byron, Gordon Mitchell and Sam Rogers. They proposes to make an agreement for transportation through Borneo via boat. Bill agrees, and the arrangements are made. Bill is later amused when his pet monkey Kong scares Gail. When Gail falls off the boat and into the river and is attacked by a crocodile, Bill jumps in and wrestles the croc, killing it and saving Gail. He is later confronted by Jack Byron who bribed him to stay on the same course even though he knew it was dangerous, and was blamed when the boat wrecked by plunging down a waterfall. Bill then makes arrangements to rendevous with his distant friend John Livingston. After Dr. Ben Douglas is killed by a giant Anaconda, and the remains of John's wrecked boat are found, Bill and the survivors regroup. Bill agrees with Gail to leave while jack argues against it. They then come across a village, and Bill assists in building a raft, which Jack later takes after paralyzing Gordon. When Gordon is eaten by an Anaconda, Bill burns the village to the ground, and heads off with the other survivors to intercept Jack and take back the raft. Along the way, Cole is separated from the group and Tran Wu goes back to find him, but is killed by another anaconda. Bill later finds Wu's flashlight and a cloud of blood and is deeply shaken. He then regroups with Cole, Sam and Gail but Cole is attacked and dragged away by yet another anaconda, but is saved by Bill, Sam, Cole and Gail find the raft, but Jack finds them to and shoots Bill in the arm forcing him and the others to do his bidding. After Jack falls into a snake pit, one last anaconda rises up, attacking the survivors. Bill attempts to shoot it with a gun, but finds that there are no bullets left. The snake is decapitated after Cole fires it with a flare gun. Bill later leaves Borneo, along with survivors Cole Burris, Sam Rogers, and Gail Stern.

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