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Bill Willcox is the deuteragonist of the anime series Star Musketeer Bismark. He is a famous 16-year-old American jet pilot and sharpshooter whose parents are killed by the Deathcula, and who joins the Bismarck team to avenge them, serving as their jokester and Casanova.

He was voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue.


Bill is a young man with brunette hair and blue eyes. He wears cowboy clothes, completed with a brown hat with two strings that tied to each other around his face, a white shirt, dark blue jeans with two belts. His pilot suit is blue and white, completed with a helmet that is shaped like a cowboy's head.

Bill possesses a plane called the Arrow Striker, which is armed with a pair of laser cannons.


After his parents are killed by the Deathcula, Bill vows to avenge them at all cost, and this feeling continues even after he becomes a member of the Bismarck team. In fact, he assigns himself to the team solely for this purpose. He despises the Deathcula for their involvement in his parents' deaths, and is straightforward about his feelings, not afraid to express them thoroughly.

The jokester of the group, Bill is friendly and charming, but also somewhat a loner. It's his cynicism that causes him to often clash with the more optimistic Shinji, but the two nevertheless get along well. He likes children, animals, and flirting with women to no avail, although he eventually proposes to one named June. He often acts before thinking, causing a lot of troubles for both the team and himself.

Underneath his jokester and casanova facade, Bill is sad and yearns for his parents' justice, hence his somewhat lonely status. Whenever no one is around, Bill shows how much he misses his parents.


Bill is a famous 18-years-old jet pilot and sharpshooter, nearly always holding accuracy with firearms. At some point in his life, he became a bounty hunter. In 2084, the Deathcula launch a second invasion on the Solar System, attacking the colonies and killing many colonists without provocation. The Earth Federation Government fight them but are hopelessly outmatched due to their advanced technology. During this time, the Deathcula also kill Bill's parents, and he vows to avenge them.

As a result of the Deathcula's near victory, Dr. Charles Louvre decides to develop the transformable starship Bismarck in order to combat them. Knowing that a team of specialists is required to pilot it, Charles summons Bill alongside Shinji Hikari and Richard Lancelot to create the Bismarck team, and Bill agrees to join to avenge his parents' deaths. Marianne, Charles' daughter, is also chosen to join the team by the colony leaders during the meeting between them, much to the pleasure of her father. From then on, Bill alongside his teammates fight against the Deathcula and save the Solar System from them. Despite his failed attempts to flirt with women, he also eventually proposes to one named June.

See also

  • Colt Willcox, his counterpart in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.


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