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Bill & Ben

Bill and Ben are a pair of mischievous tank engine twins in The Railway Series, and its TV series adaptation, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. They live at the Sodor China Clay Company, and work at the mines and pits, delivering trucks full of China Clay to Brendam Docks, where the clay is taken away by ships and other engines to where it is needed. They were built in 1948, in the same year that they arrived on the Island of Sodor.


Bill and Ben are young, cheeky, naughty and rather troublesome, and love teasing or playing tricks on the other engines. However, their behaviour always lands them in a lot of trouble. Despite their mischievous behaviour, they always learn from their mistakes, try to do the right thing, and always act like heroes. For example, in the TV series, they successfully rescued the workers at the Clay Mines during a rock slide that nearly destroyed their home, by evacuating them to safety. Despite the twins' pranks, they don't seem nearly as bad as some larger engines, or even some of the diesels, since the most damage their pranks have done is to simply cause delays for the other engines. In the TV series, after a temporary stint working with Mavis at Centre Island Quarry, they have returned to their old home at the Clay Mines, sometimes helping BoCo and Edward on the Wellsworth Branch line as well.

As Bill and Ben are females in Poland, you could say that they are tomboys in that dub.


Bill & Ben are based on Bagnall 0-4-0STs "Alfred" and "Judy" of Par, Cornwall, who are both preserved at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. "Judy" is currently under restoration, while "Alfred" is awaiting overhaul.



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