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NOTE: This article is only for the original version of Billy Butcher. To see the article for the TV version of him, go to Billy Butcher (TV Series).

You know... I'm always tellin' people not to make a song an' dance at times like this. But here we are after all these f-ckin' years. The way I see it, there might be enough of this shit still workin' that you're holdin' onto one or two memories. And if I'm lucky, this bit... This bit right f-ckng here... This is the night you done what you done to my Becky.
~ Billy killing Black Noir in the comics, avenging Becky's death.

William J. "Billy" Butcher is deuteragonist later turned into the final major antagonist in the controversial comic book series The Boys, he also appears as a posthumous protagonist in The Boys: Dear Becky. He is the snarky and charismatic leader of The Boys and the archenemy of Homelander, who is the leader of the Seven.

He was created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and first appeared in The Boys #1 - The Name of the Game, Part 1 in October of 2006.



Billy Butcher is the leader of the Boys, a CIA team tasked with monitoring and stopping the Seven, a corporate superhero group who are secretly vile and ruthless individuals. After losing his wife to a Supe, Butcher became consumed with getting revenge on the Homelander and destroying all superheroes in the world. Known for being charismatic and cunning, Butcher is described as a force of nature, getting what he wants by persuasion or brute force.

Early Life

William J. "Billy" Butcher was born in England to Samuel Butcher and Carol Atkins, and was the older brother to Leonard "Lenny" Butcher. Billy grew up in London's East End, and would spend his youth hearing his father beat his mother, causing him to become resentful toward his father. Though Billy tried to avoid becoming his father, he started acting out in school, often getting into fights and using vulgar language at teachers. When Lenny stopped Billy from killing their father one night, the latter decided to join the Royal Marines after being inspired by his grandfather. Billy participated in the Falklands War, but was eventually kicked out of the Royal Marines following a bar fight.

Billy met Becky Saunders while riding a subway train the day after, and the two began a relationship when they helped Billy's mother leave Samuel. The two married soon afterward, but disaster struck when Lenny was killed by a bus in 1986, and Becky was unknowingly raped by a member of the Seven when they were on vacation. Becky died from the super-powered fetus that was in her body three months later, and Billy killed the infant with a desk lamp.

The Boys

Billy was recruited by Greg Mallory so he could get revenge on the Homelander, and Butcher began a group called the Boys to kill Supes across the world. The team was disbanded around the 2000s, but Billy brought the team together and recruited Wee Hughie, who lost his girlfriend to the A-Train.

In comics, after the corrupt superhero problems were dealt with and the Seven were defeated, Billy betrayed other members of The Boys and had them killed to eliminate all Supes in the world. Hughie Campbell, the protagonist, enraged by this act of betrayal, kills Billy with a glass shard. Despite dying, Billy praised Hughie and died with a smile on face, and Hughie tells Annie that Butcher is probably fighting in Hell.


Billy is a a fairly snarky, calm but also angry and savage man who is easily characterized by his immensely charismatic and persuasive nature. He is reasonably friendly to those around him especially with Hughie who he treats as a younger brother figure of sorts, however he does often push his allies to their boiling points however due to his sheer determination and eagerness to achieve whatever goal he sets out to perform.


Billy is a rather gruff, striking and charming man of tall stature and toned physique who also looks rather unkempt. His hair is that of a thick, black greasy tuft on his head and he also has a prominent beard. Billy is usually seen wearing a dusty and battered black trenchcoat usually paired with some kind of patterned shirt. He also wears dark trousers and shoes and is often depicted carrying weapons such as crowbars and baseball bats.


~ Billy Butcher.
Let's give em' a f***in' spankin'.
~ Billy to the Boys.
I bugged The Seven's H.Q., mate. Listen to the tapes if you want.
~ Butcher on bugging the Seven's headquarters.
Why'd you kill me dog, Jack.
~ Butcher to Jack from Jupiter.
I'm glad it was an open f***in' coffin.
~ Butcher urinating on his father's corpse.
But I ain't got no mates.
~ Butcher upon killing Mother's Milk.
... Nice one, mate.
~ Butcher's last words, upon Hughie killing him.



  • Billy and the entire cast of The Boys had their first volume be part of DC Comics until it the rights were reverted to Dynamite Entertainment.
  • He is mostly a parody of The Punisher from Marvel Comics.

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