Hey, Queenie! Feast on this!
~ Billy Coen to Queen Leech

Billy Coen is the deuteragonist of "Resident Evil Zero".

He was a U.S. Marine Corps Second Lieutenant-turned death-row inmate that escaped into the Arklay Mountains after the military transport vehicle escorting him was forced off the road by a pack of Cerberus. He took refuge in the nearby Ecliptic Express where he would later meet Rebecca Chambers, who had arrived with S.T.A.R.S. to investigate reports of murders in the vicinity.

He is voiced by David Webster in "Resident Evil Zero" and by Steve van Wormer in "Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles".


"So, you seem to know me. Been fantasizing about me, have you?"

In mid-1997, Billy was a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps with Force Recon, who, along with a team of Marines, were sent into hostile territory in Africa to attack a village suspected of being used as a guerilla training ground. Unfortunately, the air drop was off-target, and as such the team had to march across miles of hostile terrain to their target objective. The heat, combined with enemy attacks, soon reduced the team to four, and when they finally arrived, they found the village was actually full of innocent civilians.

Billy's commanding officer ordered the execution of the innocent villagers and framed Billy for it, claiming, "one Marine panicked under the extreme conditions and unintentionally killed the civilians." [4] Upon returning to base, their base commander, Samuel Regan, had Billy court-martialed. Under Clause 1; Article 118 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Billy was found guilty of 23 counts of first-degree murder. Under military jurisdiction, Billy was eligible for capital punishment and sentenced to death.


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