Billy Colas also known as Billy the Cat is the main protagonist in the animated series of the same name.

He was originally an young boy who bullies a cat for fun with his friends. But after an wizard named Ali Kazam intervenes and casts a spell on him, he becomes an cat and must face an challenge if he wants to become an good human boy one day.

He is voiced by Jesse Moss and currently by Brian Drummond.

He is based on the character of the same name from the french comic book series.


Billy Colas loves to bully the animals for his own amusement, but after the wizard named Ali Kazam intervenes, this one turns Billy into a cat with an spell to teach him an lesson for bullying the animals with his friends for the own amusement..

Billy later befriends Mr. Hubert who helps him to become an nice guy to be loved by his animals friends. 

Billy needs to face the bullies who began to psychologically abuse him for no reason. Billy helped by Mr. Hubert befriends the animals with respect and must convince the wizard to revert him back to normal in order to become a nice boy and no longer an bully for good.

Billy Colas is also the main protagonist in the comic book of the same name in which is hit in a car accident and came back to life as a cat in order to become an good guy and respectful person with the help of his animal friends.


He is similiar to Prince Adam aka Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Both of them are originally humans turned into creatures by the main antagonist for the arrogance. Both of them are one of the main characters who appear in the TV cartoon.

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