Binky Nelson is a minor character in Minions. He is the youngest child of Madge and Walter Nelson; he is with his family along with Kevin, Stuart and Bob in the ride to Orlando. He appears with his skeleton-shaped pacifier.



During the ride to Villain-Con in Orlando, Binky Nelson sits at the front seat between his parents; after the Nelsons pick up the Minions, he is between his father and Bob. His family were seen robbing money from a bank along with Madge and his siblings, Tina and Walter Jr., and he gives a gun to his father. And then his family leaves the three minions, a pet cat, and Binky inside the car.

After they escape from the police, Walter and Madge ask more about the Minions; during their chat, Binky pulls off the plug from a grenade he found. His father notices this and throws the activated grenade out of the car while speaking with a smile, and the grenade explodes in the field.

Binky Nelson Unpacified

Binky Nelson is the main character in the mini-movie Binky Nelson Unpacified. Binky, along with his family, return from a successful heist in a museum, he is sucking on a stolen crown which makes Madge realize that his pacifier has gone lost and they're unable to recover it, saddened about this, he sets off to the same museum the Nelsons' were earlier; After entering and prowling around the museum for a while, he finds his pacifier but is suddenly stopped by a security guard, but easily gets rid of him and goes back home, with his pacifier and a cowboy hat he stole from the security guard.


  • He bears some resemblance to Stewie Griffin from the animated TV series Family Guy, right down to his football-shaped head and the fact that he sports villain-like characteristics.
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