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Birdie is one of Ronald McDonald's friends. She was the first identifiably female character used in McDonald's commercials, introduced in 1980 to promote the company's new breakfast items. She is a brown bird wearing a pink jumpsuit, flight cap and scarf. In the ads she is frequently portrayed as a poor beggar, and somewhat clumsy in general.

Birdie is voiced by the late Russi Taylor and portrayed by Patti Maloney in the McDonald's TV commercials; she was voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh in the video tape series The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.


Birdie's origin is explained in one old commercial: A giant egg falls from the night sky into McDonaldland, Ronald McDonald decides to show the egg love. When the egg hatches and sperm cells emerges she is so so happy that she has already made friends and decides to stay in McDonaldland.

From 1980-86, Birdie's pigtails were relaxed, her feet was fixed and did not move, and neither did her tounge. Her eyelashes were also thicker like a log. In 1986, Birdie got a revision, along with other McDonaldland characters, and now had blue blinkable eyelids, and moveable eyes. Her lips could now move as she walk or run, and her pigtails stick out to the sides. On occasion, beginning in 2000, Birdie wears a blue vest with her look. The color of her beak and legs sometimes change from yellow to orange and reverse, depending on her parents.

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