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Birdramon is the evolution form of Biyomon. She can evolve to Garudamon.

Like her original counterpart, she is voiced by Atori Shigematsu in the Japanese version.


Biyomon was being chased by a Snimon. The group escapes by jumping on a river. They make a raft to travel on the river. They get ambushed by a Coelamon and the Snimon. Sora attains her own Digivice and Biyomon evolves into Birdramon to fight Snimon.

Taichi, Sora and Agumon escape their pursuers with Birdramon's help and Orgemon starts looking for them.

Birdramon flying them over a jungle when they encounter a swarm of Funbeemon fleeing from an army of Waspmon being led by the fortress-like CannonBeemon before being attacked themselves. Sora and Birdramon then tried to go back and rescue them on their own, but the boys quickly caught on to her plan and began assisting her. Sora's compassion for the others triggers Birdramon's evolution into Garudamon in order to defeat CannonBeemon.

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