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The Birds of Prey are a team of female super-heroes that go on special missions across the world of the DC Universe.



They were created by computer expert Oracle and martial artist Black Canary, although their membership has greatly expanded over the years. Originally based in Gotham City's Clock Tower, they are funded by Batman as an extension to the Batman Family. Their allies and contacts include a worldwide network of heroes organized by Oracle. The Birds of Prey were created by Chuck Dixon, first appearing in Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Oracle #1.

New Earth

The team originally started with Barbara Gordon (Oracle) partnering with Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary), and would often do missions together. When Dinah was kidnapped by Savant, Barbara called for the assistance of Helena Bertenelli (Huntress), adding her and Lady Blackhwawk as permanent members of the group.

Oracle would later recruit other vigilantes and heroes to the group.

The Birds of Prey also would shift headquarters, as the Gotham Clock Tower was destroyed, forcing them to move on to Metropolis, and then operating out of the Platinum Fields.

Prime Earth

It originally started when Amanda Waller manipulated Team 7 members Dinah Drake-Lance into cooperating on a string of covert missions. Both began to investigate a series of break-ins in research facilities, and they decided to add Batgirl. The group were able to trace the villain Choke, who was turning people into living bombs using nanotechnology.




  • The team did not formally call themselves the Birds of Prey until Birds of Prey #86.
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